Who’s the boss?

I am not talking about the TV series because I never watched that show!!  Although I can tell you that Tony Danza was the star of the TV show, it is true I never watched it because the voices irritated me.

In fact I am referring to the chain of command in the latest round of point/counterpoint relating to the scandal of the biggest cover-up since the break-in at the Watergate Hotel (and I continue to not understand why that was so important a President had to be brought down). Yes, I am once again pointing fingers at the incumbent in the White House.

The title of this piece should say it all about that chain of command, because once again we see the White House administration attempting to deflect away from the accusations. The latest in the controversy that keeps surfacing is focus on the talking points. Who is responsible?

I probably see the chain of command in a very simplistic fashion (being a foreigner and all that stuff, there is no doubt that I would have a simplistic understanding of such weighty matters as “who is the boss?”).

Ambassador Stevens was the US Ambassador to Libya. His second in command was Gregory Hicks, who assumed command when Stevens died. Here we can establish the first of the relevant boss relationships. Hicks spoke to Hillary Clinton when the attack was underway, since he assumed the role of US Ambassador to Libya upon the death of Chris Stevens. Here we have the second of those relationships – Hillary Clinton is the boss of Chris Stevens and the US embassy staff in Libya. The failings regarding security prior to the attack are her failings. Ultimately Hillary Clinton is responsible for that lax security.

Within the State Department though, there are other players – Victoria Nuland and Patricck Kennedy are two of those players. It seems that Victoria Nuland had a direct hand in how the talking points were handled. However, Victoria Nuland is not the top of the managerial tree – Hillary Clinton is her boss.

If Hillary Clinton wanted the truth to surface then she would not have been demanding that there were changes in the talking points. However, Hillary Clinton is not the top of the managerial tree, although she was a political appointment at the Department of State. Who is the boss of Hillary Clinton?

Yes indeed, there is one person at the top of the political tree and that person is has the worst case of dithering that I have seen in a President since the time of Peanut Jimmy Carter.

Hillary Clinton deserves to be castigated over her role in this whole affair. However, aside from Hillary Clinton there is another who is even more deeply responsible, and that person is Barack Obama-Soetoro.

It is important to keep this in mind when reading articles about the talking points and the massive cover up that there was in fact a jihadist attack upon the US consulate in Benghazi.  Fingers are being pointed all over the place, but ultimately, the buck stops being passed when it reaches the Oval Office.


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