A scandal too far

The latest revelation concerning the spying on Associated Press is in my view a scandal too far. Of all the scandals, this one is the most chilling of the lot because it involves one of the most fundamental freedoms that all of us should enjoy – the right to free speech and the freedom of the Press.

We need to recap the “how” of this scandal, and to do that we need to be reminded about yet another terrorist threat that was thwarted. Thank God it was thwarted. The plot itself was one devised by Anwar al-Awlaki and the AQ in Yemen. It started when a young woman was asked to post some packages. Those packages contained toner cartridges that had been turned into bombs. The packages got as far as the UK before they were discovered on board a flight that was bound for the USA.

The issue is not the plot itself but the fact that the plot was revealed by Associated Press. Did you get that? The issue did not involve any plotters, that is anyone involved in the USA who might have also had a hand in the intended attack, but it was solely due to the AP learning of the plot and revealing such to the population at large.

It seems that the White House was steamed over the information about this plot being disseminated widely, and so Eric Holder authorised the gathering of information from phones used by certain individuals who belong to Associated Press.

This is very chilling. It is chilling because it seems that the White House wanted to cover up the terrorist plot – well you know AQ was supposed to be in demise after the death of Osama Bin Laden and there they are plotting these terrorist attacks, and attempting to blow up cargo planes… now we cannot allow that kind of information to become available in an election year – can we?

The release of this information was on top of another developing scandal involving the IRS and their harassment of TEA movement groups. In fact they targeted not just the TEA groups, but any Patriot group, plus any group that wanted to teach people about the Constitution. Again, the impact of this scandal is chilling.

Both of these scandals together are an attack on the right to freedom of speech. Both of them are scandals that shows an Administration that has gone too far. In the developing IRS scandal all of the people involved are not lower end minions within the civil service, they are in fact near the top of the tree…. and that means they were taking direction from someone higher up. Now that someone has been caught out and he is claiming that he is shocked… Well I call B.S. on all of his statements about this matter. It is B.S. because he actually bragged about doing something like that as far back as 2009.

It should be pointed out that when the articles of impeachment were being drawn up for Richard Nixon, one of them related to harassment via the IRS. It should also be pointed out that Bill Clinton used the same harassment technique against his enemies, such as Gennifer Flowers and other women he had either raped or had affairs with in full view of the public. It was meant to shut these women down so that they would stop speaking out…..

Such tactics used by any White House Administration are an abuse of power. As such, these tactics should not only be condemned but those responsible should be tossed into jail. If it can be proved that orders for such behaviour came from the Oval Office then that person needs to be impeached.

By the way, I cannot see how Rush Limbaugh is in any way to blame for any of these scandals. To blame Rush is in my view a sign of real panic and delusion.


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    Now that the wagons are circling and the vise is beginning to close on Obama (and Hillary), one can easily see that the time is extremely ripe for an “international event” – a grave crisis that they can “solve” and look like heroes. Such pressure is an almost guarantee of a “wag the dog”. In fact, reliable and credible observers have speculated that Benghazi was just such an event coordinated to bolster Obama just prior to a tough election.

    PS – Also notice that the IRS scandal is BIG. When people like me try to point out such things before they happen, or while they are happening, we are accused of being paranoid and reactionary. When we are proven right again and again, we rarely get the kudos we deserve. At best we are begrudgingly titled “lucky guessers”.

    PPS – Do you see where Scott Pelly recently gave a speech where he said American Journalism was at an all time low and that “we get it wrong over and over”? That is a start. But he did not then drive to the obvious and only conclusion. THE REASON they get it wrong is that they refuse to believe that The Obama is anything other than as pure as the driven snow. If they would start with the logical and obvious premise that “being the only virgin in the whorehouse” is ridiculous, then a lot of things otherwise cloudy become crystal clear. In 2007 and 2008 one did not need to be a genius to predict the details of an Obama Presidency – “more of the same” and “the past determines the future”. How could it be anything different?


    • The AP scandal will be even bigger than the IRS scandal but the two combined is going to create a volcano


    • Carlyle, I am one of those who does in fact believe that the terrorist attack in Benghazi or at least the refusal to have help was meant to be a bolster for the election.

      I do think that the attack was planned well in advance, but I just cannot prove collusion.

      Stand by for an attack on the US embassy in Cairo. Already one or more people have been arrested for plotting an attack.


    • Hi Carlyle,

      I’m convinced that Benghazi was covered up because barky made no bones about the fact that AlQaeda was all but obliterated.

      Enter Benghazi. It was covered up just before the election because supposedly, AlQaeda was dead and buried; that would’ve lost the (rigged) election for old purple lips.

      Add to that the massive amount of voter fraud (141% of the eligible voters in Port St. Lucie County in FL voted?) and what do you get? Barky for four more years.

      I see lotsa chickens; they’re coming home to roost.

      I agree with your call that an international ‘diversion’ may be on the way. This thugocracy is up to its eyeballs and I can’t see how they’re gonna wiggle their way out of this mess, unless something big is in the works to deflect the world’s attention.

      Bet on it.


    • Sue I think you are correct, and that the reason for the cover up is due to Barky making false claims about the demise of Al Qaeda.

      This is also related to my point about the AP investigation.



    Suffering from extreme Cognitive Dissonance will eventually cause your head to explode! It must, mustn’t it? After all, many science fiction stories get out of tough binds by feeding incompatible facts to computers to cause them to short circuit.

    I wonder when liberals are going to explode due to the juxtaposition of two of their favorite causes: Homosex and Islam!?

    Wow, looks like I’m really on a roll today!


    • we are all waiting on that one… and still they do not get it.

      I speak from a woman’s pov and I wonder when those feminazis will finally understand how women are really treated in that theocracy.


  3. Carlyle I have never heard of Scott Pelly but that does not mean much to me.

    I agree with you regarding the international incident.

    Syria anyone?


  4. Scott Pelly is 1 of 3 top news anchors – that do the evening news on the big3 broadcast channels.