The Gosnell verdict

From the outset I am going to state that I believe in the inherent right to life. My philosophy is based squarely on that right. As a mother, that is someone who has borne 3 children, I know what it is like to be pregnant and to give birth. I know what it is like to feel the baby moving within my body. A baby is not a clump of cells that can be dismissed as if it does not matter until it is born and it breathes. A baby inside the womb is a living separate human being that is totally dependent upon its host mother.

And so I come to the Gosnell verdict. He has been found guilty of murder in the first degree where two of the babies are concerned. He has been found guilty of the manslaughter of the woman that he killed during a botched abortion. He has been found guilty on a variety of other charges.

This monster is going to jail hopefully for life. What he did to those babies was totally disgusting.


7 responses to “The Gosnell verdict

  1. Truly disgusting, Aussie. Some of us Americans would have rather he be given the death penalty, but when given the chance in a plea bargain, he chose life. Too bad his victims weren’t given that chance.


    • I agree. The good news is that life for him will probably be 25 years at most because he is already old. I will leave my thoughts in the hands of God as to how he should die.


  2. He may have much less time in prison than that. In American prisons, child molesters and baby killers are known to frequently suffer early deaths. Many of the other prisoners look unkindly on those crimes as the lowest of the low, and they do not have the same qualms about the death penalty that some of us do.


    • That is the same as in Australian prisons. Child Molesters either end up dead or bashed šŸ™‚

      That is why I think that life for Gosnell might be a lot shorter than people think.

      What he did was extremely gruesome. I cannot bear to even read about it, let alone look at that picture where the baby has the slit in the back of the neck. It is sickening.


    • GoMC, your comments are spot on.

      This murderer was given life; he took life away from the innocent.

      There is indeed a prisoners’ ‘code of ethics’ if you will. People who kill or molest kids or kill pregnant women are dealt with harshly by the prison population if they’re not placed in solitary.

      I’m just hoping this monster stays alive long enough in prison to become some lifer’s ‘wife.’ If that happens, justice will have been served…


  3. Good points, SueK. Perhaps you’re right. I’m old fashioned, though. I believe that the justice system should have the courage to deal out the proper justice, not thugs, randomly. If capital punishment is called for, it should be done, and if not, then he should be protected from threats while in prison. I’m not fond of the way things are done these days, but that’s just me.


    • Grunt this has always been the case in prisons. It is the same in Australia. You kill or molest a child, then watch out!!

      In the Gosnell case his crimes are horrendous. I assume the prosecution agreed to the plea bargain because of Gosnell’s age. He deserved the death penalty for his crimes against those women and babies.