Woe is me – a new scandal in the family

Stand by for a new scandal that has come to light. This is probably the most chilling scandal after Benghazi and Fast and Furious because it goes directly to the right of Freedom of Speech. I saw this at Hot Air where it states that the DoJ had snooped on the Press or rather they had seized 2 months worth of phone records.

If this story is true then it is truly chilling and I am sure that such actions are to be seen as totally illegal.

However, there is another scandal that is equally chilling that has also been raised, probably as a distraction, but there is a real difference because this is where the similarities to the Nixon White House really begin to take shape. It is the admission that opponents of Obama-Soetoro were targeted by the IRS.

The IRS story is one that is also developing and it is one that has the potential to bring down Obama in the same way that Richard Nixon was brought down. Perhaps it is best to leave commentary to the former Marxist, Wayne Allan Root to explain what has taken place because he has been one of those targeted by the IRS. Wayne was at Columbia University at the time that Obama-Soetoro was supposed to have been there.

Using the IRS to target conservative groups, especially those who call themselves patriots, and who teach the Constitution has the effect of chilling free speech in the USA. It is equal in severity to the other breaking scandals: Bengahzi, Fast and Furious, and Solyndra (this is important because it goes to the heart of the corruption of the White House administration) as well as a host of smaller scandals that fit in with Solyndra including Pigford. Please note here that I am a supporter of the original group of farmers and believe that they should have been rightfully compensated, as to the rest who have put in claims? Their money should either be paid back or they need to do time for fraud.


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