Not the 4th major scandal to hit, but a lesser one

So, why is it that the bird smashers are allowed to kill eagles without the companies that own them being fined, but oil companies etc are fined in the 10s of millions of dollars if birds end up drowning or in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Hot Air reports that every year thousands of birds are killed by the bird smashers every year. However, the EPA or whatever agency is in control gives them a pass. On the other hand, birds caught up in oil slicks etc end up causing oil companies large fines.

Can anyone smell the hypocrisy of what is going on here?

Every last one of those bird smashers should be pulled down. They are an environmental hazard. On top of that they are a blight upon the landscape. They are also very noisy and they are intrusive.

Please note that I am not against solar energy in the same way that I am against wind energy which is a colossal waste of time. Solar energy does in fact provide some benefits especially in a country that has a vast amount of sunshine every year. What we do not know about the solar panels is how long they will last.


A junior embassy official in Russia has been caught attempting to recruit someone to be a spy. This is normally something that is covered up and the person sent home without further comment, but not this time.

Two explanations have been given for Russia making a fuss this time. The first relates to Russia being pissed over the defeat of ally Gadhafi, and this is a message regarding Syria (sphere of influence again).

The second issue makes the most sense and that is Putin is upset because Russia is being blamed for the Boston marathon bombing. Actually, I cannot see justification for blaming Russia at all, because the Bobsey Twins were from the Caucasus or Dagestan, not from Russia, and as Chechens they were enemies of Russia, so I would have thought that blame would be places upon Islamic Chechens… oh well…


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  1. That is the problem with having lots of picky ass rules. You can make your enemies follow them and you can waiver them for your friends. Wasn’t that one of the big cries of the Civil Rights Movement – “unequal application of the law”? To me that is one of the biggest, yet hardly ever discussed, problems with Obamacare. Has anyone counted the waivers so far? And categorized these by political leanings?


  2. Aw shucks. Blush blush.