History Lesson – the AP scandal

A lot of the people commenting upon the AP seizure of records scandal may or may not have their facts wrong. The claim is that there was a leak that compromised the lives of Americans, but it is not specified if that is the lives of CIA agents in Yemen or whether that is lives in the USA.  The critical point here is the Yemen connection because it all goes back to Anwar al-Awlaki and his willingness to wage jihad upon the USA from afar. The attack in Boston was in fact inspired by the late Anwar al-Awlaki.

Cast your minds back for a moment to the two potential attacks that were prevented and both had origins in Yemen. The first of these is the underwear bomber who attempted to blow up an aircraft over Michigan. Thank God that he failed in his mission and only he ended up with some burns on his private parts!!  I do believe that investigation was botched, but more importantly, this was another potential attack where the White House failed to call it by the proper name: Jihad.  Has there ever been an investigation as to how the man got on the aircraft in the first place? I have not heard anything to show that this was ever properly investigated.

That failed attack led to another attempt, and it is this one that was the subject of the alleged leaks to the media. The leaker by the way was alleged to be John Brennan. The details of the potential attack were available in overseas news services, and that is possibly why I remember it so well. A suspicious package was discovered among packages from a FedEx or was that UPS flight that had gone from Yemen and landed in the UK. The package contained a toner cartridge that was in fact a bomb. I think, from memory that more packages turned up. Anyway, the package was discovered and bomb disposal squad took good care of it.  A young woman in Yemen was responsible for the mailing of the packages but she and her mother were innocent of wrong doing. She was given the packages to mail by another party.

As you can see from these details, there is nothing that compromises any American when it comes to the facts. The bombs were found and they were disposed of by the bomb disposal squads. What did come out of the investigation was that Anwar al-Awlaki was responsible for both of these potential attacks.

This second attack happened somewhere around the same time that it was revealed Osama Bin Laden had been killed. It was in reality an attempt at a revenge attack over the death of Bin Laden. In the end the drones got a double when they manage to kill both Anawar al-Awlaki and his offsider Samir Khan who was responsible for the content of the “Inspire” magazine, including “how to build a bomb in your mother’s kitchen”. As far as I am aware none of the details were in any way compromising.

The DoJ have attempted to justify the seizure of the AP records by claiming that the story that broke somehow compromised the lives of Americans, but from what I remember of the incident, that is far from the truth. The AP got the story out before the White House could bullshit their way through a story to deflect from what was another potential attack against American citizens. It is that simple.

Personally, I think that there was another motivation for the seizure of those records, and in fact it is a very chilling reason. The excuse used was national security, but that does not hold up to any kind of scrutiny when you at least know the facts surrounding the circumstances that led to this action. The White House and DoJ story simply does not add up to any justification for this action. There was no compromise as far as I can see and that leads me to believe that this was done with a cover because the DoJ and the White House were attempting to find the whistleblowers.

The AP prides itself upon protecting sources. They also talk about how the whistleblowers are what helps to strike a balance where government is concerned. I actually accept the reasoning of the AP in this matter. They have always refused to give up their sources. For this reason a Nixonian styled White House would be willing to seek what they consider the legal means of finding those whistleblowers via the seizure of records. The action taken was indeed very chilling and the potential for intimidation of people is huge.

I think that this also goes to the heart of the Benghazi scandal as well. The White House has also attempted to intimidate people who are willing to come forward and tell their stories. There has been one massive attempt to cover up the truth about the jihad attack at the US consulate in Benghazi, and the AP have been quite restive with regard to the bullshit that has been fed to them from the White House. It started as a trickle as many were willing to continue to cover up for Nix-Obama-Soetoro. However, it seems that the dam has burst as more and more are turning on the usurper.

The latest from the White House about Benghazi is the crazy claim that the emails that have been bandied about showing up what took place over the talking points are a fraud. Nice try there Jay Carney, but NO CIGAR. Jay Carney is digging in with his pleadings that the usurper knew nothing. Carney is a very poor liar.

(stay tuned for more thoughts on these scandals)


The information that I have found relates to a second potential underwear bomber attack. The hard work has been done by Jeralyn Merritt and I commned her for doing the hard yards and finding the most likely story that caused such a stir in the first place.

There are a few things to note because this is also a part of the history lesson, and I continue to believe that what the Justice Department has done is not justified. Some commenters have pointed the finger at John Brennan as the leaker of the information to the AP. There is a solid lesson here because those responsible for the undercover operation in the first place were not Americans but they were British, i.e. the James Bond types from MI5, and they were working with the Saudis to put an end to a plot out of Yemen.

This story also coincides with the plot relating to the bombs that were found in the toner cartridges, but the difference is that there was a young man, a Saudi who played a pivotal role in getting hold of the underwear bomb prior to it being handed over to the CIA. This is the person who needs to be protected.

The problem with the press releasing the story is that it compromised the work done by the British and the Saudis in relation to AQAP in Yemen. The young man played the role of a double agent and what he did was very, very risky.


I suggest that you check out comment at Hot Air regarding this scandal because I doubt that there was sufficient reason to go after the AP over that story. There was no compromise as far as I can see and on top of that it looks very much like a case of revenge because the AP stole Obama’s thunder from his announcement that another one bites the dust.


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