It begins – attempts to minimalise the IRS scandal

Of all the scandals that have erupted I do think that the one involving the IRS has the most potential to bring down the corruptocrat pResident of the White House.  Each and every one of the scandals are important. Most of them will form the basis for the drawing up of impeachment documents. However, it is this particular scandal that I believe will bring down this pResidency.

First of all, I base this comment upon what I have learned about the Nixon impeachment process. There are parallels between this Administration and the Nixon Administration, and even very senior Democrats see the similarity. The blatant abuse of the IRS and the blatant harassment of political enemies is the one thing that has the potential to cause the biggest stink of all.

Benghazi is still very important, and it is not for the reasons that have been cited that I consider the Benghazi affair to be important. I see Benghazigate as an accumulation rather than a one off. It is an accumulation because the White House refuses to call terrorist attacks by their correct name ergo Ft. Hood is called a workplace accident or workplace violence rather than the truth which was jihad. For this reason alone I want to look at the whole picture, drawing in changes to your Homeland Security, the disgusting way that the elderly and the disabled are treated whilst the ones who are the real threat are allowed to go through security checkpoints without trauma. This means that I need to start looking at a wider range of topics that accumulated into what we know as the cover up of the real facts about the attack upon the Benghazi consulate.

The AP scandal is also important, but I want to pursue that in light of the fact that it was Joe Biden who caused real harm to SEAL Team 6 that ended in the deaths of several members of that team. The way to pursue this scandal is to look more closely at both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Ultimately, it boils down to what deals Obama might have done behind closed doors, especially when he was the one who had attempted to pull out of getting Osama Bin Laden several times. BTW Diane Feinstein is another who has announced things that were more harmful than the AP announcement about a foiled bomb attack.  Once again more research is need to pull of this together… and to pin the going after the records on Obama (which is the most likely truth).

What has really struck me has been the way in which Obama avoided answering questions relating to the IRS affair. What he stated is that he did not know about the IG report. He never stated that he knew nothing about the IRS harassing conservative groups. This was a classic piece of avoidance by Obama. The thing is, a lot of people have picked up on the avoidance.

The scandal itself goes beyond the harassment relating to tax exemption status forms. We can now surmise that one of the women behind this harassment has gotten a promotion and is now in charge of the Abominablecare division. There needs to be a good dose of sunlight where that woman is concerned. Lois Lerner also knew and a full participant in the harassment. The two men who have resigned definitely knew about the harassment, and most likely they helped to devise the questions.  The scandal itself also involves the auditing of conservatives in various ways, as well as the leaking of tax information and donor information relating to the Romney Presidential campaign.

The IG report mostly dealt with the Cincinnati office. It did not deal with the more systemic problem of harassment what was endemic across the whole of the USA. Does anyone really believe that Obama did not know about the IG report before it was released? Is there anyone out there who actually believes that Obama did not know anything about the harassment?  Well I do not believe him. I think that he did in fact authorise the action and he did that through his subordinates such as David Axelrod. Who for instance told the IRS to audit the TV journalist who had asked Obama some hard questions? I am betting that was a direct order from Obama.

However, it seems that the bigger scandal that is developing relates to yet another attempted cover up. Are we to believe that Obama did not know about the IG report before it was due to be released. Like a few other people I am calling bullshit on that response. Keep in mind that the response given is a classic piece of avoidance. Obama did not answer the question that was asked, and in fact he ignored the actual question. He is lying, and he is attempting to cover up what he knew.

More and more information is becoming available, including the fact that Democrats such as Durbin demanded that the IRS investigate the Tea Party. It seems that the IRS decided to obey who they saw as their real masters, and it was not the work of a couple of rogue employees in Cincinnati. The minions in Cincinnati have not wasted time in pointing the finger at people who are much higher up in the chain. The question should be:  When did the White House Administration know about the harassment of conservative groups? Why did they do nothing about that harassment? Why are they covering up, yet again, what they knew about the IRS harassment?

This kind of abuse of the IRS was not just a Nixon thing either. Bill Clinton did the same thing to Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones. Both women were subjected to harassing audits after they came forward and divulged their relationship with Clinton during his run to be President.

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. I feel certain that there will be more revelations regarding this corrupt Administration. There are many unresolved issues relating to the Solyndra scandal. Obama refuses to give up documents relating to Fast and Furious, meaning that his fingerprints are all over that one as well. Then there is his attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court as a result of the Citizens United case (as well as his lies about the outcomes from that case). There are scandals heaped upon scandals. Then there is the way that he uses the various agencies such as the IRS and the EPA to harass individuals.

The fact is the White House continues to try and downplay all of these things, and the spokespeople are already at work downplaying the IRS scandal, but it is not going to work for a very good reason. The groups that have been affected now know that it was not just them going through the nightmare and that means there is going to be a class action about to hit the courts.

BTW – I think you can add a few more things to the list including Obama’s harassment of the Catholic church and of Catholic run hospitals. Abominablecare is going to be a nightmare. It is not going to deliver affordable healthcare (trust me, I live in a country where we are supposed to have affordable healthcare and it is nothing of the sort).

At the same time I also think that we have not heard the last of David Petreus and his role at the CIA, or even his affair with Paula B. There was something very off about that situation, especially the way that they went quiet about the other woman.


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    Check this out.

    Scroll down to remove some of the foreground clutter from the background. Look at the eagle watermark. It is upside down!

    The Obama has done a number of In-Your-Face things over the years. Is this the most egregious yet? Or just a simple accident?

    Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in accidents?

    In short: WTF?!


    • thankfully I do not have to go to the link. I have seen the picture.

      The eagle is on the ceiling of the Oval Office. Some clown photographed it upside down.


  2. This afternoon at an impromptu press conference regarding the IRS scandal, President Barack Obama announced that current IRS commissioner Steven Miller resigned. As reported at CNN , President Obama said that the “misconduct” detailed in a report about the IRS handling of requests from conservative groups is “inexcusable.” No Mr. President, IT IS ILLEGAL!!! However, despite Miller’s resignation, he is expected to testify Friday at a hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee. That should be must see TV. This resignation represents the first person who has been thrown under the Obama bus for IRS-gate. It is not even nearly enough and Obama’s comments and feigned outrage was the bare minimum he could have done to quell the fires of the multi White House scandals.