New Phrase – Culture of Intimidation

Marco Rubio is spot on when he talks of the “culture of intimidation” and that the IRS scandal can be laid at the feet of Barack Obama. In essence I agree with Rubio with regard to how it all started. If you look at the timelines relating to the scandal, that is, when the intimidation started, it coincided with comments that came directly from Obama.

It is not just the issue relating to the intrusive requests for information, it is a lot more than that  because it includes tax audits, the leaking of tax information as well as other forms of harassment that took place since 2009.

Obama sent out the first signals when he threatened to so something like that to his enemies. Since the scandal broke there have been a lot of stories of tax audit harassment. Then there is the harassment towards Boeing because they decided to move out of Seattle to a non-union State.

The harassment involved not just the IRS but included other agencies as well. Some people were hit with all sorts of audits that were not financial. Look at the Gibson guitar case to see how that firm was harassed over its use of wood for the guitars. They change their petty little laws and then come after the small businessman because that person has not supported Obama.

Do you believe that the harassment of the conservative groups was simply the work of 2 rogue employees in Cincinnati (go the Reds), well I am here to tell you that I do not believe that story because I think it is way more systemic. In my view it was a coordinated effort, and at the very least Lois Lerner was involved. It is highly likely that Lerner was the one who initiated the harassment in the first place, but she would have done so on the orders of someone higher up than herself.

To highlight the reason that I believe the harassment to be systemic, I point to the case of the radio journalist who asked Obama a few questions and gave him a tough interview. After that interview he was faced with an audit. Now why would that have happened? Here is my guess, Obama picked up the phone and gave orders to someone to make things hard for that person. Obama does not like tough questions regarding a lot of subjects and when people stray he gets angry, and then he finds way to punish.

Now back to the latest response to questions that were put to Obama. Did you note that he responded that he had not seen the IRS IG report. He did not say that he knew nothing about the intimidation. What he said is that he did not know about the investigation. In my own view, I see a finger pointing at Obama as the instigator of this scandal.

Ok, so that is one scandal where there has been intimidation. In the light of the IRS scandal, I am wondering how I should view the AP scandal, because I am having trouble working out where there was such a threat to US security. One version of the story is that the AP, by publishing the story about the failed bomb plot compromised overseas spy agencies. Is that true? Was the Saudi double agent – the one responsible for foiling the plot – compromised? If you read the story about what took place, by the time the AP was allowed to publish, or at least went ahead and published the story, the Saudi in question had gotten out of Yemen and was in a safe place. This was also at the stage when the drones had been sent in and another terrorist was dispatched (they did get the guy who had bombed the USS Cole – by accident not design).  Read the whole story again because the truth is, the AP refused to hold off until Doofus had made the announcement in the Rose Garden. The AP did in fact sit on the story for something like 5 days, and they even made a bargain with the CIA over the release of the story, but the White House did not want to keep that bargain. The AP decided to publish when all bets were off, so that they stole the thunder from ODUMBO. He was angry and he wanted revenge.

There are some interesting elements in regard to what the truth might be about this matter. First of all, the foiled bomb plot had come on the eve of the anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden. (keep in mind that there was another foiled bomb plot relating to the toner cartridges as well). By this stage ODUMBO had been proclaiming that Al Qaeda was no longer a threat and the AP story regarding the bomb plot contradicted once again the White House narrative. Always keep in mind that ODUMBO refuses to use the words “terrorist attack” and he refuses to aknowledge that AQ remain a threat to the lives of westerners everywhere. We are all supposed to believe that AQ is on the demise.  Another element is that the operation in question was a Saudi one with the help of the British MI5. The CIA were given the bomb to examine but they had no role in helping to foil the plot.

The Benghazi Affair is yet another example of harassment and intimidation. I am not talking about what took place, but I am talking about the intimidatory tactics against people like Gregory Hicks that was meant to keep them silent. In this regard, I am adding David Petreus to the list because I have no doubt in my mind that he actually had a very heavy conversation with ODUMBO and gave him a piece of his mind, then ODUMBO played what he thought was his trump card, except David Petreus trumped him by resigning and telling the world about his affair. From this angle I respect the action sof Petreus for coming clean about his affair and not being intimidated into silence. I do think that Petreus has more to tell us on this matter.

The fact that the DoJ went so far in attempting to track down “whistleblowers” is in my view something that is chilling.  It was an attack on free speech and it had nothing to do with security. The laws need to be tightened so that this can never happen again. Whilst I do accept the need to get information regarding potential terrorist attacks via wiretaps etc. I also think that there needs to be limitations on those same powers so that they are never abused in this way again.


2 responses to “New Phrase – Culture of Intimidation

  1. This is exactly the point. Whether or not any specific thing can be traced to Obama or not is beside the point. The point is that from the beginning he has established and operated a Thugocracy. Selective enforcement of existing and new laws is a key indicator of that.

    But what do you expect from a Community Organizer. How could it be any other way. That is all he knows. Rhetorical question: What exactly is a Community Organizer and what is his primary (only?) tool?

    Post Racial? Tension Relaxer? Problem Solver? My Ass!

    A Community Organizer is the exact opposite of these things.