The real security leak that threatened lives

The action of the DoJ in tapping phone records by the AP is what I consider something that is very chilling. It affects the right to freedom of speech and the right to a free press in ways that are unimaginable. From what I have gleaned, this happened because the AP released a news item prior to ODUMBO making an announcement about the same thing. The AP had made a bargain that would give about an hour leeway but the White House had refused. Since the information was about to be revealed, it is highly questionable that anything that was written in AP could be regarded as a security threat. In other words the claim itself is nonsense, proving that once again the DoJ over-reached its authority in such matters.

However, there was a genuine security breach that did in fact put lives at risk and that breach concerned SEAL Team 6. The leaker was none other than Joe Biden and I suspect that it was done with malice. Once that leak happened SEAL TEAM 6 was in mortal jeopardy.

The parents of those who died in the helicopter crash have every reason to be angry and upset. Some of the revelations that I have seen regarding what happened after their deaths is sickening to say the least. Someone in the White House must pay for the deaths of those men.

It seems to me that there needs to be a Congressional investigation concerning the manner in which the bodies of the men were treated, including the claim that an imam was allowed to read out curses upon their souls (fortunately such curses would have no effect since these men are most likely in the happy part of the afterlife). Every aspect relating to the fact that they were set up, the helicopter that they were occupying, the lack of an escort etc…. everything must be investigated. That investigation also needs to include the comments made by Joe Biden that revealed them as the ones who went after Osama Bin Laden. The whole thing has the hallmarks of being a revenge killing that was set up by the White House.

Joe Biden is not a fit person to be Vice President. Perhaps like Nixon’s offsider, he will be the first to fall. If that was to happen then the way is open to appoint someone else as VP. When Spiro Agnew was forced to resign, Senator Gerald Ford was appointed by the Senate to take over as Vice President. He then ended up as President when Nixon elected to resign rather than continue any impeachment process (and yes I do think that Nixon in the end acted with honour).


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