Lois Lerner and the pre-emptive strike

I have seen some evidence that Lois Lerner was very involved in the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS since she actually signed one of the letters. So, why did Lois Lerner make contact with a woman who is also a lobbyist to ask a question that in effect pre-empted the IG report?

My thoughts on the subject will most likely be wrong, but what I want to do is draw upon some of the responses that have been made over the past few days, and then ask people to focus again on Lerner’s revelations. In other words do you believe that the White House knew nothing about the harassment of conservative groups?

According to a statement made by Obama he knew nothing about the IG report into the matter until it was released. Have you looked very carefully at what he stated, because his denial is only about the IG report and not about knowledge of the harassment. Further to that, there is evidence that the White House knew about the harassment as far back as June last year. In other words, this was yet another cover-up.

I am very tempted at this point to say “pull the other one” because there is no doubt in my mind that Obama gave the orders for the harassment. The orders came from top down and it was not just a few rogue employees in Cincinatti who were responsible for the harassment.

On top of that when Miller gave his evidence before Congress, he continued to lie, but that is another story… let’s concentrate on Lois Lerner.

I do not want to second guess her motivations, but it is now certain that the disclosures on the Friday prior to the release of the report were pre-emptive. I have no doubt that Lerner had read the content of the report and probably with the approval of her hierarchy decided that one way to pre-empt what was in the report was to make the admission and by making an apology of sorts to lessen the impact of the most damning part of the report.

Miller, on the other hand, rather than apologize over the matter, doubled down and practically stated that it was legal to target conservative groups. Well if it is legal to target conservative groups in the way that it took place it must be legal to do the same to the thugs who belong to CAIR as well as Occupy Wall Street and all of the progressive groups.

The stand out happens to be that none of this harassment occurred prior to 2009, and especially prior to when it began to escalate in 2010.

Lois Lerner’s job is now on the line because of what she has done in planting the question, but I wonder who gave her the idea of planting the question in the first place? Had she been in touch with anyone in the White House?


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