The intrusiveness of the IRS

Take a look at this story from the Daily Caller. On the second page you will actually see the name of the IRS officer who sent out the mail. A full copy of the letter sent to the Hawaii Tea Party group has been included. I love the last question about: has anyone been arrested because I think that is a question that should be asked of those involved in the Occupooper movement (they are the real anarchists).

The intrustive nature of the questions is of concern because there is no way that such questions are necessary when determining a tax exempt status for some small group. On top of that this is the second person who has come forward indicating that the IRS was targeting an individual.

Here in Australia we have lots and lots of small groups called Associations. Most do not pay tax because any income is well below the threshhold for paying tax. These associations are funded by membership fees. Perhaps the problem in the USA is that you have groups where there have been donations, and that is what opened up the application for tax exemption. However, the point I want to make is that looking at the questions that were asked, the majority of the questions are not only laughable where a small organization is concerned, but the questions are unnecessary and intrusive.

What is also very bothersome is the warnings about committing perjury, as well as the statements that if people either fax and mail, fax more than once etc. or even call the office after submitting the extra information, then the application will be slowed even further. This is the very nature of the intimidation that is clear when reading the letter that was sent to just one group in Hawaii.

I continue to believe that this could not have happened without Obama’s knowledge. He must have been aware that the IRS were targeting the conservative groups.

Another issue raised in this matter relates to religion. Again, the questions about prayer are intrusive, and have nothing to do with the application for tax exempt status. This is a direct attack upon every American’s right to freedom of religion.

The Australian Constitution has a paragraph that is similar to the American constitution on the matter of religion. The paragraph is clear that the prohibition on government is along the lines of no government shall institute a state religion. If you know your history then you should be able to understand why such a paragraph is necessary. The paragraph also forbids the state from banning any religious group. (what a shame because we cannot ban Islam under such a provision). What it amounts to though, is that government is not allowed to harass people who chose to practise a religion via the code of an individual sect or cult.

Anyone who has been harassed in the same fashion as the Hawaii case, should be able to sue on the grounds that such harassment goes against the right to freedom of religion. This is yet another attack/assault upon the Constitution of the USA.


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