AP responds to the criminal seizure of records

Gary Pruitt has not let up on the matter of the Justice Department seizing AP records. The question that is on my mind: Will AP sue the Justice Department over the seizure of those records using the First Amendment?

From what I have read about the circumstances surrounding this particular scandal, there was no leak involved. The AP were sitting on a story for 5 days, but decided to go ahead with the print when negotiations between AP and CIA broke down because the White House wanted to make the announcement about the foiling of the bomb threat. It could also be that the White House either wanted to bury the facts within the story, or try to spin the story to make it sound like AQ was not involved. There was no leak. There was no threat to lives because the AP published the story.

The powers that are available to the Justice Department where matters associated with terrorism are concerned are the kind of powers that can easily abused when someone like Barry Soetoro is President, and Eric Holder is the A-G. This story is sounding like the A-G getting revenge which is an abuse of his powers as A-G.

What I see is that these powers were used in a fashion that was meant to be intimidatory. As such, the AP should go ahead with a lawsuit… and I look forward to seeing the fallout.


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