The Crime Minister

Australia’s system of government is very different from the USA with regard to things like leaders and elections. There are some things that appear to be the same but there are a lot of differences. On the other hand, at this present time Australia has something in common with the USA and that is one very corrupt leader.

Here in Australia the Prime Minister is the leader of the party that holds the reins of government. It is an equivalent of your Speaker of the House of Representatives. We have a Speaker of the House of Representatives as well, but that position varies a lot from the role in the USA. The Governor-General who is the Queen’s representative in Australia is an appointed position.

I am pointing this out so that you at least know some of the basic differences between our two countries.

However, you must be wondering about why I refer to that super bitch, Julia Gillard as the Crime Minister. It is true I am not mincing words by expressing exactly what I am feeling and thinking about this particular woman. There is no way that this woman should be in the current role. She is not a fit person to be Prime Minister. Her background shows that she is as corrupt as Barry Soetoro. They have a lot in common because the pair of them are Marxist and both of them have the goal of destroying our respective countries. One more thing and that is Julia Gillard is foreign born, since she was born in Wales and her parents migrated to Australia. (In the past we have had others who have been born in the U.K but they at least have been loyal Australians, not like super bitch who hates Australia).

At this time our Crime Minister is being investigated by the Victorian Police Fraud Squad in relation to matters that stretch back almost 20 years. This is a very serious matter of corruption and involves her role in aiding and abetting an individual to defraud others. The investigation is ongoing so I need to be careful about what I am saying on this blog at this point in time. One person came forward and gave a statement to police in relation to the matter that is being investigated. All you need to know is that in part one of the issues is a possible fraudulent power of attorney.

The matter itself involves a large Australian union that has officers Australia-wide. The particular union sees itself as “king-makers” and having the power to choose who will be the ALP Prime Minister. Gillard’s involvement with that union is very much a part of the current investigation. There are other members of the current ALP government who also have ties with that particular union.

In our respective countries we are having our own fights and scandals, but there is a common thread:

1. Intimidation – this has been applied against newspaper proprietors.

2. Corruption

3. Marxism.

4. Role of Unions

5. Wastage of Taxpayer money by being spendthrifts

6. Illegal immigration

This is only a partial list but I am sure that you get the gist of some of what has been going on over here. We also have a problem with the ultra-left wing Green Party  – they really do live in la la land at the bottom of the garden.  The problem is that the Green Party gained some ascendancy because the bitch from hell gave them unprecendented power in an unholy alliance. Australia has been suffering as a result of this deal and we had a tax on the air that we breathe forced upon us. This is as bad if not worse than Abominablecare when it comes to the way that it was bludgeoned through the Parliament.

This is just the beginning of the week, and I am expecting that a new scandal is about to erupt some time this week.


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