Chilling – a turning point?

Breitbart is reporting from the ABC News that IRS employees at the Cincinnati office were being intimidated by the armed guards escorting the journalists. This is extremely chilling information because it shows the level of the intimidation that is at work via the White House.

I am making this a sticky because I will be adding various news reports to the post as I find them. I think that this information might in fact be a turning point for some of the news networks. What I expect from here is that there will be a big backlash as more and more information becomes available. So stay tuned.


Is there a smoking gun in this story that will directly tie the White House to the intimidatory targeting of conservatives? The visitor’s log at the White House might provide the answer to that question, and I feel certain that Barry Soetoro was in fact behind the whole thing.

Breitbart News is reporting that the leader of the National Treasury Employees Union visited the White House in 2010, the day before the intimidatory tactics began. Is there a link? You would have to be extremely naive if you did not see that link.


Ben Shapiro has a list of the intimidation and other tactics of the White House Administration. If this does not raise the hairs on your back, then nothing will. I draw your attention to the information regarding the investigation of David Petreus. It states that Jill Kelley was the one who initiated the request to have him investigated. I want to know more about this woman Jill Kelley.


Weasel Zippers has an interesting post about Lois Lerner. It seems that the shamefully lying Lois Lerner has an interesting history when it comes to targeting conservatives. Apparently in her old life at the FEC she did the same to the Christian Coalition and cost them thousands of dollars because of investigation over untrue allegations.


MyPetJawa and HOT AIR are reporting that Lois Lerner who is to appear before a Congressional hearing is going to plead the 5th Amendment.  Is anyone surprised even in the slightest? I am not surprised considering the way she attempted to pre-empt the IG report. I have no doubt at all that Lois Lerner was told to do this from someone higher up…. GAME ON.


2 responses to “Chilling – a turning point?

  1. Two brilliant and insightful comments I found.
    Alas, not mine – I only hope to be that clever.
    Different sources, different places, but similar thought.

    Obama surrounded himself with nominees, appointees, and staff who are left wing nutjobs set on changing the world to their agenda. Then Obama winds them up, turns them loose, and somewhat validly declares that he has no direct knowledge of their mischief.

    President Obama’s apologists defend him by painting him as disconnected, aloof, and out of the loop, but it certainly does seem like bad things happen to people after Obama criticizes them.