Developing story – North Korea and reporter Rosen

Breitbart News is reporting about the uproar over the Justice Department targeting 3 Fox News Staffers. Two were targeted because of the Fast and Furious scandal but the other, Rosen was targeted because of his report about North Korea’s possible reaction to further UN sanctions.

This is a developing story and from what I can see the investigation is a true chilling of the freedom of the press and the right to free speech.

The other person in the middle of this developing story is Jin Woo-Kim who is facing serious charges relating to what is being called leaks.

I guess it does not matter that North Korea has reacted in precisely the way that was described by Rosen. Yet again we see a White House Administration that does not want to face facts and constantly responds to crisis in an inappropriate way.


Hot Air is also covering this story about the lengths to which the DoJ has gone in order to chill the freedom of the press.


Despite what some think, White House Pool reporters had some very angry questions for Carney during the daily briefing. Two reporters, Major Garrett from CBS and Jonathon Karl of ABC asked some rather angry questions. Another unnamed reported asked what Carney said was a hypothetical and he refused to answer the question.

This story is developing legs because it goes to the heart of what reporters do when they report the news. James Rosen did nothing wrong yet the White House via the DoJ has treated him as if he was a criminal. At the same time I do not believe that the contractor did anything wrong. The information, by the way, has been proved to be correct. North Korea has reacted in that exact way and the White House wants to continue burying its collective head in the sand, ignoring the realities of the situation.

(note: I long for the days of the Nixon Administration because President Nixon was very good when it came to Foreign Affairs. It was Nixon who gained the trust of Mao Tse Tung, which is a very big achievement because that contact led to the opening up of China. He got pilloried over Vietnam yet Nixon actually had to make decisions that went against his own religious convictions, and he was not afraid to make those decisions. He was far more decisive than most people recognize. What is more, I have since learned that Nixon was going to be impeached for ATTEMPTING to use the IRS against his enemies. His attempts were unsuccessful, and that makes it hard for me to comprehend why Nixon is condemned when Barry Soetoro is getting away with what is now the most chilling White House Administration in the history of the United States of America.)


Sharyl Attkisson has also mentioned that her computers were compromised. It appears that someone or an entity did an illegal search of her computers. She has not named names… but stand by for further explosive information over this matter.


Hot Air has a post regarding the thoughts of three reporters, including Brit Hume and Kirsten Powers. The comments by Kirsten Powers ( Fox News reporter with liberal leanings) are a must read. I continue to be amazed over the statements being made by Powers and it is not the first time that I have been full of admiration for what she has to say. I note that Powers was the one who had some critical comments to make over the way in which the LSM failed to report on the Gosnell murders and crimes.

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