The truth behind True the Vote intimidation

Although I am a foreigner I think I am reasonable acquainted with some of the most obnoxious members of the US House of Representatives to be able to offer an opinion and to write about events that have been brought to light in recent weeks. One woman who spoke up about harassment has been Christine Englebert of True the Vote. When I started reading about her case, one name popped into my head: Sheila Jackson Lee. It is no wonder that I am not in the least bit surprised to learn that Sheila Jackson Lee wrote to Eric Holder demanding that True the Vote be investigated.  Just like in other cases, there are Democrat names that are coming up in the conversation because they had in fact demanded that there be investigations over non-crimes.

The purpose of True the Vote was to do something about the voter irregularities that were obvious in the ward that is under the thumb of Sheila Jackson Lee. The people doing the work of checking on irregularities of the voting records must have been getting close because Sheila Jackson Lee made some extremely nasty allegations without furnishing any proof of the alleged wrong doing. Her claim was that of voter intimidation.

Breitbart News is reporting on this aspect of the harassment of Christine Engelbrecht and True the Vote. There is no making this stuff up. It is evidence of further proof that Eric Holder has abused the office of US Attorney General and that he should be forced to resign ASAP.

2 responses to “The truth behind True the Vote intimidation

  1. Voter fraud is a preoccupation, maybe even obsession, for one of my best friends. She goes absolutely ballistic if I even dare to ask her to show me some documented proof, as in multiple convictions. Of course, I like to tease her about that but she knows that I know why so few cheaters are ever charged.


    • Voter fraud is also an issue in my country, but to me it seems that the USA has bigger issues because of the slack way in which people are registered.

      Our system is not perfect, especially because of recent changes that have the impact of allowing more fraud to take place. However, I do think it is superior to the methods used in the USA. It is handled by the Australian Electoral Commission, which has offices in every state. We can now make changes online which is something that is new. It used to be that we filled in a form that we got from the post office and mailed it to a specific address where the application was processed.

      I am not sure what is in place to prevent non-citizens from registering for a vote these days. I think that there are still some checks and balances in place. Considering how hard it is to open a new bank account, one has to wonder about voter eligibility…. the problem is of course “provisional voters”, and at election time their votes are not counted until they furnish proof that they are eligible to vote. That provision stopped some of the cheats last time.

      At the same time we have not managed to overcome the zombies that seem to arise every 3 years for the purpose of voting in the Federal election or every 4 years for the purpose of voting in a State election 🙂