Lois Lerner intends to plead the 5th Amendment

My foreigner understanding of the 5th Amendment is that it says you do not have to answer incriminating questions. Lerner’s lawyer was seeking to excuse her attending a Congressional hearing on the grounds that some questions would be a burden to her… well tough you know what… and “suck it up princess” because the kinds of intrusive questions asked of conservative groups were not only burdensome, but they were time consuming, time wasting and totally intrusive with no relevance as far as their request for exempt status was concerned.

However, one must also look at Lois Lerner’s behaviour when she was a part of the FEC because it turns out that she was in the habit of harassing conservative groups per the FEC regulations and that she took an inordinate interest in things like prayer. Powerline has an article about Ms Lerner and her activity associated with the FEC.

I recommend that you read the article because it is an insight into the obtrusive questions that were posed by Lerner to Oliver North, and his relationship to Pat Robertson. It seems that Lerner was offended because Pat Robertson prayed for Oliver North.

After reading this article, I would suggest that Lois Lerner was herself the architect of the questions that were sent to several of the conservative groups, especially those who are right to life style groups. Some of these groups have mentioned the intrusive questions about prayers and prayer meetings and that has Lois Lerner’s stamp all over it.

On top of that, the IRS officers at Cincinnati have managed to make their own contact with the press and are starting to leak information that throws an interesting light on the whole matter. I do not believe that these middle ranking IRS officers should be blamed and they are not rogue officers, but it seems that the people in Washington D.C. were attempting to set up the Cincinnati office to take a fall for the whole scheme….. except that the letters that were sent from Cincinnati were devised, drafted and approved in Washington D.C.

If this is correct, then this might be further evidence that the whole thing was directed by the White House… and yes I do believe that the incumbent in the Oval Office is involved. I remind you that so far he has only denied knowing about the IRS investigation. He has not denied knowing about the IRS harassment of conservative groups.


2 responses to “Lois Lerner intends to plead the 5th Amendment

  1. Lerner cannot plead the 5th because she’s already made a statement; the 5th does not apply here.

    If she’d completely clammed up, then invoked her 5th Amendment rights, that’d be another story.

    This piece of trash is going under the bus; sacrificial lamb #1.


    • Yes. The announcement was made prior to her appearance. Then when she was there she made a statement: “I did nothing wrong”.

      Australians see that statement like a red rag to a bull because we have some politicians who are saying the same thing: the Crime Minister and the Member for Dobell. Craig Thomson is facing more than 175 fraud charges and he continues to proclaim “I did nothing wrong”. The same with the Crime Minister, but the facts surrounding the Power of Attorney show otherwise.