Congress, the IRS and the IG – why was report delayed?

The scandal involving the IRS, the White House, the IG and Congress has just gotten a little bit deeper because Daryl Issa has revealed that the IG report was ready September 2012, yet making it public did not happen until May 2013. There should be questions surrounding why the IG did nothing about the report between September 2013 and May this year. Hot Air is reporting on this issue because the IG had an obligation to keep Congress updated, and in this case it looks like the IG failed in his duty.

There is a lot more that is coming out too, including the fact that the IRS found out the same thing that the IG found out in May 2012. This information was provided by Holly Paz who confirmed that the IRS knew about what had taken place in May 2012. Yet nothing was done to reverse the damage, and the harassment of conservative groups continued, with all of the intrusive questions.

There is now very strong evidence that there was a cover-up in place prior to the election in 2012. The real question then: how far up the chain did this cover-up go? If Holly Paz knew about what was taking place in May 2012 or even as far back as 2012 and she put a stop to the practice, then who else higher up the chain also knew?

UPDATE (because this is my sticky post)

It looks like Elijah Cummings is actually doing a good job in this probe indicating that he has a brain and knows how to ask the right questions. This is because he asked questions as to why Holly Paz remained in the room when IRS employees were being interviewed.

The IG did not do a good job in regard to this whole issue. He has also participated in a cover-up and now it turns out that he allowed the head at Cincinnati to sit in when her employees were being asked questions. Why was that allowed?

Holly Paz was a participant in the whole affair, just like Lois Lerner. Holly Paz is a big Obama donor.

If people cannot see what is wrong with that picture, then I have a bridge in Sydney Harbour to sell to them… no questions asked.

UPDATE ( IG and Austan Goolsbee)

It looks like IG George has not been forthcoming about a lot of information.  Breitbart reminds people that Austan Goolsbee made statements about the Koch Bros and Koch Industries that indicated he had accessed private information. The Congress requested that the IG investigate the matter. It was investigated but the IG never released the report and has been pussyfooting around by not giving information under FOI requests. Also, it seems that the Senators who requested the investigation never saw the report either.

To me it looks like someone needs to investigate IG George because he also seems to be behaving in a PARTISAN manner. Where there is smoke there is usually fire.


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  1. Aussie – do you have control over how many entries in the “recent comments” sidebar. It would be extremely helpful to see a longer list.


  2. Rep. Darrel Issa, the committee’s chairman, said that the committee learned just yesterday that the IRS completed its own investigation a year before a Treasury Department Inspector General report was completed.


    • Yes, exactly why there is something suspect about the IG. On top of that more things have come to light, such as Holly Paz sitting in on the interviews. To my mind, as an ex-public servant that amounts to intimidation of those being interviewed.