Who is the next to be thrown under the bus?

The name that is being mentioned is Kathryn Reummler, the current White House counsel. Now this woman is either very incompetent, or someone has been lying about what has been taking place within the White House.

The issue is the IG report, and according to the current story, Katherine Reummler was told about the contents of the report but failed to pass on the information.

If you want my opinion on the subject, well I am calling bullshit, or if you prefer, mushroom fodder on this one. I do not believe that this is what happened.


One response to “Who is the next to be thrown under the bus?

  1. Yep, Goolsbee screwed up. He read a (December 2003!) article about Bill Koch, who’s not a donor to any huge political groups. Koch’s entities didn’t pay any corporate income tax. This reveals that Goolsbee made a lazy mistake, and smeared David Koch, which led to an IG investigation. Did the IG investigation find that Goolsbee was leaked tax information, or that he was reading an article somebody had passed on to him? We should be able to read that report.