A sign of possible guilt

Lois Lerner’s lawyer had stated that she was going to plead the 5th Amendment when being questioned by Congress. So what did Lois do? She made an upfront statement and said “I did nothing wrong”.

I will deal with some of the opinion regarding Lerner soon, but I want to concentrate for a moment on the “I did nothing wrong” statement or defense because that is something very big in Australia at this present time.

I have written on more than one occasion about the previous doings of the Crime Minister for Australia. Her mantra regarding what are serious allegations of malfeasance happens to be “I did nothing wrong”. I do not think I have written much about Cry Baby Craig Thomson who happens to be the current Member for Dobell (my new electorate) but he is another who has proclaimed “I did nothing wrong” as he now faces more than 179 fraud charges because he helped himself to union money to pay for prostitutes and extravagant dinners etc. etc.

Here in Australia we are very sceptical when people in high places start squawking and pleading with “I did nothing wrong”.

When someone who is in a position such as the one held by Lois Lerner says “I did nothing wrong” then one needs to be sufficiently skeptical and simply say “Pull the other one”, because that statement sounds very much like something that comes from a person who knows that he/she is guilty of some form of malfeasance.

However, there is another problem with Lois Lerner making that statement and it seems that there is some argument going on behind the scenes regarding whether or not, that by giving this statement and then clamming up, Lois Lerner has in fact waived her rights to plead the 5th Amendment. Trevor Gowdy is a former Federal prosecutor and he has stated that she waived her rights, Daryl Issa seems to agree, some others seem to disagree, but our good friend Alan Dershowitz has weighed in again and he backs Issa and Gowdy on the matter.

UPDATE:  Hot Air is reporting that Lois Lerner has been placed on Administrative Leave.  Now I am ready to accept that Lois Lerner was not the architect of the IRS scheme BUT she knew about it and she participated, plus she has a record and a penchant for this form of targeting. Will putting her on Administrative leave be sufficient for her to open up and finger those above her who were in fact responsible? Will she finger the White House as the ones responsible for this targeting in the first place?


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  1. WASHINGTON (AP) — At the center of a political storm, an Internal Revenue Service supervisor whose agents targeted conservative groups swore Wednesday she did nothing wrong, broke no laws and never lied to Congress. Then she refused to answer lawmakers’ further questions, citing her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself.