The wheels of the bus are turning for Holder?

It is not news that Eric Holder has been lying because we already know that he lied about Fast and Furious and that he has been stonewalling on that matter as well as other matters.  What is news is that this time Eric Holder has been caught out in the lie with a subordinate stating what we already knew:

Eric Holder signed off on the James Rosen search warrant request.

This time the Congress knows for sure that Holder was lying and what is worse is that he lied under OATH. This time it is PERJURY.

The wheels of the bus go round and round, and they are coming for Eric Holder.


2 responses to “The wheels of the bus are turning for Holder?

  1. Lynn Atkinson

    the problem, you see, is the president doesn’t care. It is all done in the name of “national security”. The Politically Correct thought police are there for our protection.


    • 🙂

      Same in my country but not quite as bad as in the USA.

      We have similar laws. Our government tried to limit the right of the press to report but in the end their attempt failed. They did it by trying to use the same as in the UK. They were going after News Ltd. Can you see the connection? Rupert Murdoch is their enemy, which of course is not true because Rupert Murdoch goes after bad Prime Ministers and bad government.

      What Eric Holder has done is worse than McCarthyism and you know how the left in the USA blather about McCarthy and that era…. it is never ending but the thing is McCarthy was right in going after them.