What did Shulman know?

It looks like a finger needs to be pointed directly at Shulman over the IRS scandal. Hot Air has a very good article on the subject of how this man handled questions in front of Congress this week.

Some interesting facts about Mr. Shulman need to be considered here: this is a man who had a lot of briefings with Obama in the White House during his tenure in the IRS job. If this is true, then it is highly likely that the targeting and how it would be done was discussed during those meetings.

Shulman denies that there was anything wrong in what happened, and this is of course different to the tack that was taken by Lois Lerner as well as Miller. It seems odd that Obama announced that Miller had been fired, even though Miller was only in the post on a temporary basis. I am convinced that Miller knew more than he was willing to admit, and likewise I am convinced that Lois Lerner is covering up the truth. However, Shulman is a different kettle of fish because he lied to Congress in the past when he claimed that the targeting of conservative groups was happening.  At least Lerner sort of came clean about what took place…. and “sort of” is the operative phrase here.

There needs to be a Special Prosecutor. This should not be handled by the DoJ. As it is the IG has not been entirely honest about the report and its contents. In fact the IG was remiss because he did not keep Congress informed about the investigation, and he failed to inform Congress last September of his findings. The report had been under wraps since September 2012, which is more or less hinting that the failure to release the findings was politically motivated as well.


I just listened to Trey Gowdy’s questioning of Shulman. Wow, Gowdy is great!!  He was hard nosed with his questions, and Shulman proceeded to dodge the questions with his incoherent answers. He was not deviating in his attempts to shift blame away from himself.  Shulman knew about the practice, and Shulman did nothing about what was happening. He refused to answer the question “what did you do to ensure that it was stopped” and Shulman did not give a straight answer AT ALL.

If it is true that Shulman was in constant contact with Obama then there is no doubt in my mind that this whole thing was being directed by Obama behind the scenes but in a way that would ensure that the underlings take a hit.

This would mean that Lois Lerner was taking a hit for the team. Also she knew about it, despite what she claims because her name appears on more than a dozen letters that have been produced with the request for more information.

The targeting came as a directive from top down. This scandal has legs, and it is getting worse by the day.

At the same time we need to keep any eye on Benghazi and if that drops off the radar then we need to ensure that it remains on the radar until the truth comes out.


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