Is late-term abortion necessary?

I am a mother, and I have three sons. Each pregnancy had similarities such as I was nauseous the whole way, right up until the day that they were born, as well as other more icky things that happened. I continue to laugh over some of those things because they are the things that stuck in my mind due to certain circumstances. Needless to say my best line has always been “not everyone takes a train to go and give birth”!!

Even though there were similarities, there were differences and it was my first pregnancy that was probably the most risky for me because I ended up with high blood pressure and probably on the verge of pre-eclampsia towards the end of the pregnancy. My son was born on or around his due date. Despite the high blood pressure issue I was not placed in the hospital but was told to rest. I will not bore you with the details of his birth, besides they had me sedated most of the time.

As you are aware my son’s partner gave birth to a little girl at the end of April. She was born at 38 weeks gestation following a caesarean operation. Claire Elizabeth was a sumo wrestler and her birth weight was more than 11 lbs. However, what I did not tell you was the rest of the story and the fretting that was going on because Ilana went into pre-eclampsia. This drama started during the period that we were in Melbourne. Ilana had a false alarm and she went to hospital. She was sent home again because things settled down. After that, Ilana went into pre-eclampsia mode with a very high blood pressure reading. We were informed that the doctors were preparing to do the caesarean because of her high blood pressure, but that was called off when she reached the labour ward because her blood pressure and other signs had settled down. Ilana has diabetes 1.  We then experienced anxiety for several more weeks because the doctors were not ready to do the caesarean because the vital signs had settled down.

I am giving you this history because I think that it highlights one of the reasons that are falsely given about late-term abortion, and that is that the pregnancy is dangerous for the mother. As you can see from the above Ilana was in that category of risk. The plan had been a caesarean that was to be done when the baby was due to be born if she did not come any earlier.  On top of that I gave you some of my history. I should mention that as a result of my own high blood pressure I had to do a 24 hour urine specimen (oh happy days) and it seems that everything remained fine.

Hot Air has an item about the testimony of an ex-abortionist who describes what takes place in a mid-term abortion. It is totally gruesome reading and I despair for the babies whose lives were lost in that way. I cannot see justification for the procedure at all.

It seems to me that when a woman is pre-eclampsia the doctors should be working to settle the mother down, rather than jumping in and performing an abortion. The alternative is of course to perform a caesarean rather than the procedure that tears the baby limb from limb per the description that has been given by the doctor who is an ex-abortionist.

As a mother I totally abhor the practice of both mid-term and late-term abortion. These abortions are totally unnecessary and they are so brutal that the practice needs to be firmly condemned and outlawed. It is far better to bring on the birth and if the premature infant dies because it does not have the ability to survive then so be it, but abortion that is performed in the manner described should be outlawed.


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  1. I totally agree with you. The young woman from, I believe, New Jersey who had an abortion in her 8th month and died was advised to have it done because of a test. Tim Tebow’s mother was advised to have him aborted because she was having complications, and she wouldn’t do it. And he’s the picture of health. What if the test that indicated problems was wrong for that woman in NJ, as they were for Tebow. I thought it was so odd that she named the baby she had aborted too.