Et Tu NYT?

Instapundit has up a post that I find interesting, amusing and chilling all at the same time. It turns out that the New York Times is not above the rest of the media outlets when it comes to the DoJ doing secret investigations. New York Times reporter David Sanger was investigated over his report relating to the Stuxnet virus.

David Sanger reported on what we had already guessed that the US had helped to develop the Stuxnet virus and used it to attack Iran where it hurt the most (their uranium centrifuges).

The difference in how the DoJ went about this investigation, is that they did not seek to seize the reporter’s emails and other records, but they did it at the government end, seeking any communications between government employees and the reporters.

This particular leak is probably more important than the other alleged leaks. The material relating to North Korea for example in my mind was the least dangerous because it was the kind of stuff any one could have second-guessed where North Korean leadership is concerned.  However, I see this stuxnet virus leak in a different light. It was far more damaging. On the other hand, we already knew about the existence of the virus from other sources that were reporting on it, and most of us had guessed that either Israel or the USA were responsible for its development.

The issue is, however, that the DoJ is doing everything possible to chill our right to free speech, including our right to know what is going on behind the scenes.


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