The Australian illegal immigration problem

Australia is an island nation/continent and by rights that should make illegal immigration difficult. However that has not been the case. The first of the illegal immigrants began arriving in Australia during the 1970s. These were the Vietnamese refugees. They were followed by Chinese, and then came the Iranians, Iraqi, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans etc. Whilst the Vietnamese and the Chinese who were allowed to stay managed to integrate into the Australian way of life, the same cannot be said about this other Middle Eastern group.

Australia has reached crisis point with boats arriving in Australian waters almost every day. They are arriving by the thousands every month. During the Howard Government years we got this issue under control, but when KRUDD became Prime Minister he walked back what was in place and from 2007 onwards Australia has been inundated by some very unsavoury types.

These are not refugees because they are not fleeing from war torn countries with the exception of Afghanistan. There is no war in Iran or Pakistan and even in Sri Lanka there is not even a civil war, yet these Tamils keep getting on a boat and give a bullshit story to authorities who are all too willing to grant them a bridging visa. Most of them are thugs, criminals and the like. Very few of them are in any way affected by war. I note that they have one thing in common and that includes forcing the women to wear bags over their heads.

This morning I saw this report which has prompted me to write this post. I will not bother detailing the report but will take some points from it to emphasize what is totally wrong with the way in which this problem of illegal immigrants is being handled by the current Australian government.

1. the smuggling industry is worth up to $400 million (I assume that is per year).

2. Of the 71 illegal immigrants who had their visas revoked, 10 of them have been arrested and charged with criminal offences (including one who entered the apartment of a female university student and attempted to rape her – this happened at McQuarrie University in North Ryde. Eight of these illegal immigrants were found to be a threat to security by ASIO (what were they planning?).  A further 12 absconded (meaning they continue to be a threat to our society).

3. The people smuggler debt collectors have turned up in Nauru pushing for payment of money owed to the smugglers. The price of being smuggled is $3,000 – $10,000 per individual and up to $20,000 per family.  Do your own calculations for the 42,000 who have arrived in Australia since the ALP was elected to government. This figure is staggering enough.

4. More than 1,000 people have died at sea. Do not feel sorry for them because they often deliberately sink their own boats.

5. Worst of all is that the Australian government has been rewarding bad behaviour. It seems they are saying, if you riot we will grant you protection.

These people are thugs, criminals and unsavoury characters. They need to be removed from Australia and sent back to their country of origin.

I add here that perhaps the most genuine of the “refugees” are the ones who have actually applied for entry into Australia and have been denied entry. This has happened to some of the people in Indonesia (a group of women). It seems that the government will not grant them legal entry and that forces them to try other ways to enter into the country.

The Australian government has the power to stop this bullshit and they have the power to ensure that the people smugglers are not being rewarded for their enterprise. A starting point would be to have government officials interview the “immigrants” whilst they are staying in Indonesia, and whilst they still have their official papers, and from there they could agree to grant entry into Australia based upon the information that they have acquired…. if any of them are eligible. Personally, I would rather see the Australian government allowing the Christians among them entry into Australia… but a word of warning, and that is not all Christians from Middle Eastern countries are as pure as the driven snow. I refer of course to the Druse who support Assad as an example of people who would not make good Australian citizens.

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  1. Same here, Aussie; same here.

    Those who ‘break and enter’ into America are rewarded, while a friend of mine waited 12 years to enter legally from the Ukraine. Nothing hacks off an immigrant who did it the *right* way than those who just come into a country illegally and expect to be taken care of.

    Then, they talk about their ‘rights!’ If you shouldn’t be here in the first place, what damned rights do you have? That said, the Thugocracy in D.C. continues to pander to them; future Dem voters, they believe.

    As is the case with both Australia and America, these people are not fleeing tyranny; they are not political refugees rather, the dregs of society looking for a free ride on our backs. That’s all…


    • Yes, that is exactly right. None of them are fleeing tyranny.

      Even the ones from Burma are not fleeing tyranny but they are fleeing a mess of their own making.


  2. jordan2222

    The people smuggler debt collectors have turned up in Nauru pushing for payment of money owed to the smugglers. The price of being smuggled is $3,000 – $10,000 per individual and up to $20,000 per family.

    I have always wondered how and where they get the money and I mean here, too


    • The Australian government is paying these bludgers and that is how they are getting the money.

      Once they end up at Christmas Island, Nauru or Manus Island they are given an “allowance” and a whole lot of other things.

      I can tell you from experience (not mine but someone else close to me) that these “refugees” are housed in a variety of places with the govt paying the bills. If they are a family with a baby then they are given prams etc. but when they leave that accommodation they never take the goods with them (which means I should put the hard word on my source for some baby items that might be needed!!).

      These layabouts get some kind of social security benefit and obviously it is sufficient to pay off the people smugglers at the Australian taxpayers’ expense.


    • jordan2222

      How and where do they get the money to pay the smugglers who get them here? How would a poor Mexican raise $10,000 or more?


    • the only way that a poor Mexican could get the money would be to either cooperate with them and start dealing drugs, or they go on welfare and the govt pays.

      This is clearly what happens with the illegals in Australia…. unless of course family in their own country pays.


    • jordan2222

      Well, thanks for that, but it still baffles me. So you are saying that even those with families will have get into the drug business, right?

      But, the bad guys are willing to front the money.


    • are we talking the Mexican illegals or the illegals flooding into Australia?

      My understanding of the Mexican/American situation is that the people come across to work in certain industries such as on farms. I have no idea what they would have to pay to a smuggler from one of the drug cartels. However, if that is how they get across the border, then yes, they probably do have to pay their debt by smuggling the drugs…. I simply do not know what they do.

      On the other hand, here in Australia, the illegals certainly have some money prior to their attempted journey. They also get paid by the Australian government once they land here. I have no doubt that they do put aside quite a bit of that money to pay back the smugglers.

      The illegals are not allowed to work even when they are released into the community. Perhaps the government needs to revise those conditions so that these illegals are not a burden on the communit!!

      What is happening here is that more and more of taxpayer money is being used on these Islamic illegal immigrants. There is a name for this situation. It is called jizyah and the Australian government is totally foolish to be paying them anything. I maintain that the majority of them should be put on a plane and sent back to their originating country.

      I will draw the line when I hear of circumstances where someone’s life is threatened because he or she “promotes western values”. This is what brought a Pakistani cricketer to the point of seeing refuge in Australia. He was threatened by his own community, not by the Pakistan government. It was not safe for him or his family.


    • jordan2222

      That makes your problem even worse than ours.. Yes I was asking about Mexican illegals who have to pay someone to help get across in advance in cold hard US dollars.. up to
      $5000 and I know they do not have it or they might not even come here. $5000 in Mexico will feed a family of twelve for 68 years or something like that.