The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29: The Self-Destroying Narrative

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With a motions hearing set for May 28 and trial still set for June 10, last minute motions are flying in all directions.  As I’ve previously noted, unlike in most cases, the content of motions in this case is revealing not only of fact, but strategy.  As I’ve also noted, everything is backwards.  The defense is doing its best to present the evidence and the facts, relying in large part on the investigation conducted by the police.  This is particularly important if George Zimmerman is to be kept from testifying, which Mark O’Mara and Don West would almost certainly see as desirable.  There are so many problems with the state’s case, that’s the smart play.  Let it self-destruct; when your adversary is destroying himself, don’t interrupt him.

On the other hand, the prosecution is desperate to keep any information relating to Trayvon Martin’s activities and habits off the record, including…

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4 responses to “The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29: The Self-Destroying Narrative

  1. In short, the defense is being prevented from using anything that challenges the already established MSM narrative of TM being just a happy go lucky, cute little child.

    Legally it is important that irrelevant past actions not color current proceedings. In this regard, one would expect to see limitations on TM’s preening and posturing, and even past behavior, as proofs of guilt of specific crimes.

    However, in this case it is quite different. Nobody is trying to use this ‘evidence’ to accuse TM of anything. The defense wishes to use these facts to simply demonstrate that TM was a strapping big lad with ability and desire to be a menacing presence. And, likely to unleash a frightening verbal tirade as well.

    This, in turn, will help demonstrate that GZ had reason to fear for his life, and that he was not out to just randomly lynch some n-gg-r.

    This is a very bad situation – trending toward getting even worse – – –


  2. The COMPLETE truth destroys the narrative, not so much the PARTIAL truth. With the judge disallowing key evidence, it tilts the balance more toward TM. ‘Everybody’ is behind TM – the MSM has insured that.

    Euphemistically, I would say this case is explosive. This makes it all the harder to believe that a righteous verdict will be forthcoming.



    • It appears that the judge has disallowed key evidence but she has in fact also tied the hands of the persecution.

      In other words if the persecution seeks to portray Zimmerman in a certain way, then it is gloves off with regard to certain aspects of the life of Traythug.