I think you should read this report on what is happening in Burma, because it seems that the religious-ethnic tensions are escalating.

Everywhere it seems that there is a rising and I am not talking about Christians. Whilst there are Christians (Catholics) in Burma, the country is a majority Budhist, with a minority being Muslim. Needless to say the Muslims scream victims but then again they never accept responsibility for their own actions.

It is interesting to note here that the Budhists have decided to strike back against the troublemakers. This might explain why they are no longer prepared to tolerate what the Muslim minority has been dishing out to them.

From the Australian perspective, I note here that these same Burmese Muslims have been getting on boats and attempt to enter into Australia illegally.

For the record, I have also known some Burmese who are Catholic. The first was a girl by the name of Christine and I went to school with her. The other one is a man with the most remarkable deep voice that I have ever heard and I knew him at one of my ex-parishes.

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