Green Helmet strikes again.

Der Spiegel is one leftist “magazine” that I enjoy reading because of the interesting perspective that it often provides (I do not read every article, just some), and this article is no exception because I got the distinct impression that GREEN HELMET is back, alive and kicking ROFL.

The key part of the article happens to be the claim and the counter-claim regarding an old Israeli army jeep. The Assad regime and Hezbollah are using the jeep as proof and evidence that Israel, Turkey and Qatar (they are Sunni Muslims) are involved in Syria. However, as you will see, when you read the article, the jeep had been in a museum in Lebanon, and to top it off, the jeep only got to Syria becasuse it was towed there.

For those who do not know, Green Helmet gained fame because of the outrageous suggestion that the Israelis had been responsible for the death of a baby that had been held aloft and used as a propaganda piece back in 2006. It turned out that the rocket that exploded had come from Hezbollah, not the Israelis. Green Helmet is therefore synonymous with the propaganda that is used so readily in the Middle East. Here you can think Mohammed Al-Dura who is most likely still alive today, as well as Rachel Corrie (who refused Israeli help after she was injured when she fell off a bulldozer).

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