Keep those subpoenas coming Congress

A new phase is starting this week and that new phase is going to create a headache for the Soetoro Administration, especially Eric Holder and John Kerry.

First Congress has requested that Kerry cough up more correspondence via subpoena relating to the Benghazi matter. They lying SOBs are not off the hook just yet. Congress wants those emails relating to the talking points and have provided a list for that purpose. Will there be more stonewalling?

On the issue of stonewalling Issa and Congress need to take action over Holder stonewalling over Fast and Furious. They also need to go the next step and demand that Soetoro hands over the documents that he claims are under executive privilege in regard to the Fast and Furious matter. This is one more matter that should be added to the drawing up of impeachment documents when the time comes.

Second, Congress is investigating whether Eric Holder lied under oath. From what I have seen I think that is a given.

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