Why did Shulman visit the White House 157 times?

This is a question that needs to be honest, because it seems that the number of visits is totally questionable.

I have updated the number of visits from 118 to 157 times and that means Shulman has visited the White House more than any of the other Secretaries.

It is impossible to believe that Soetoro knew nothing about the targeting after this has been revealed.

Briebart News has a post on this question of the visits made by Shulman to the White House. If anything that article tends to support my theory that Obama knew about and was directing the harassment against conservative groups.

I am making this my sticky post and I will update information as I find stuff on the Internet. For example, did you know that the IRS has been put in “lockdown”?


The National Review is reporting that the IRS is locking down all data across the agency. This means that no computer drives are to be trashed. The IRS is not to discard any computer or laptop.

Does that mean that any upcoming investigation is going to be very sweeping or broadbased? We shall see.

UPDATE 2  – More on Lois Lerner at the FEC

Gateway Pundit has an interesting revelation about Lois Lerner. If you believe that she did not have input with regard to those questions that were asked of a variety of conservative groups, including at least one Right to Life type group, then this is a MUST READ.

The line that interested me the most is the one where Lerner stated to Al Salvi “Tell me you will not run again and we (FEC) will drop the case”.

Salvi refused and eventually the courts threw the case out. My mind tells me that Lois Lerner indulged in political blackmail. My understanding of such a statement is that this is a criminal offence. She has gotten away with that type of thing since 1996. Karma is a bitch… and Karma is coming to get Lois Lerner.


Hot Air has up an article that has a better indication of the depth of the IRS scandal and targeting of specific conservative groups. NOTE: THERE WERE NO PROGRESSIVE GROUPS THAT WERE TARGETED.

To be more specific this is more than just Lois Lerner. It goes higher than Lois Lerner. Shulman and Miller must have known about what was happening, and there is little doubt that they agreed to this taking place. The next question therefore, is whether or not they informed the White House, or their superiors as to what is happening.

So far there are 15 groups intending to sue the IRS and it looks like that number is going to increase, thus becoming a class action against the IRS.

This is not going away and it is getting deeper and deeper. Unlike some bloggers, I do in fact believe that Soetoro knew about the targeting and that he approved of it. There is sufficient anecdotal evidence that indicates that Soetoro was likely informed via Kathryn Ruemmler prior to the election. The IG was sitting on his report prior to the election, and from my pov that indicates a level of malfeasance by the IG himself.


Shulman’s wife is involved with the progressive lobbying group “Public Campaign”.  Public Campaign is funded by MoveOn.org.

The chain keeps coming back to Soetoro because he is associated with each of the groups that have been mentioned as having a link to “Public Campaign”.

This has a lot to do with the Citizen’s United case because of the decisions that were made that allow corporations to make campaign donations.

However, the real lie continues because the small conservative groups do not have the links claimed by these progressives.

On top of that, the IRS did not target any of the Progressive groups seeking the same status, yet if one looked into their links all of them seem to head in one direction and that is George Soros.

4 responses to “Why did Shulman visit the White House 157 times?

  1. A bit of doggerel that just popped into my head.
    You are honored. You are first to see it.


    Twinkle twinkle little drone.
    How you make me curse and groan.
    Way up high and out of sight.
    Watch me over day and night.

    Twinkle twinkle little drone.
    Kill from sky as dead as stone.
    Far from here the pilots see.
    Push the button. Gone are we.


    • Thank you. Very funny. I love it.

      This is the right amount of cynicism because of the lies that pour forth out of that disgusting mouth.


  2. Seriously and back On-Topic:

    Shulman’s visits to the White House are very damning. Of all the government agencies, it is hardest for me to imaging a legitimate reason for IRS to visit White House. They should be pretty much on autopilot just following their regulations objectively. There is little room for deviation. And whatever they do, it should be completely political neutral. In that regard, it might even behoove IRS to cultivate an arms-length relationship with any and all elected officials.


    • I might be a foreigner, but even I can understand that those visits are in fact very damning. They lead to the Oval Office.

      This I think is the smoking gun. How can Soetoro continue to claim he knew nothing about what was going on?

      In fact he never denied knowing about the targeting. He only denied knowing about the IG report and the investigation.

      I do not believe that he only heard about that report at the same time as the general population. It is total B.S. He knew about it back in September, unless of course he was in a drug induced haze.