A waste of a salami sandwich

Goodness gracious me, the offender was from Lyneham High School in the ACT!!!!!!

This is the second time that a student has seen fit to waste his sandwich by throwing it at the Crime Minister. The first time, the student wasted a good Vegemite sandwich, and that offence occurred in Queensland.

Considering that Canberra is very pro-ALP and pro-Green (I have lived there), I am shocked I tell you, that on the north side of the ACT a student saw fit to throw the sandwich.

Prior to my move to Sydney, we used to live in Kaleen, ACT which is not very far from Lyneham or from Lyneham High School for that matter. When we returned there, we were a little bit further away but within the same region as Lyneham, which is in the Belconnen area or on the north side.

I can only assume that the student who wasted the salami sandwich was either not happy with the contents of his/her lunch, or his/her parents are disgusted with the Crime Minister.


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