The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29.2: Tragedy and Farce.

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By now, most following the Trayvon Martin case know that Judge Debra Nelson denied the defense motion to take the jury to the scene of the shooting.  This is a significant decision, but one that the defense can largely overcome through clever graphics and analogies.  Why would the defense want to take the jury there?  People are poor judges of distance and velocity.

For instance, if I suggested a distance of 440 yards, at least some people would know that’s a quarter mile, but few apart from active runners would know that a reasonably fit adult could run that distance at a moderate pace in about 100 seconds.  A fit teenager in a sprint could easily cover that distance in 20 seconds or so less, and most people know that a standard circular track like those at a high school football stadium is about 440 yards, but few understand that…

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