The State vs Zimmerman

I have posted Mike Daniels commentary because he is so clear and succinct in the way that he has analysed the case. Another site that I have read is left wing Jeralyn Merrit. She has good lawyerly analysis of the case. This is an issue that I believe infringes the civil rights of one person only, and it is not the rights of the person who died that night. I believe that there is ample evidence to show that charges should never have been laid in the first place and this case is all about self-defense.

I am going to divert for a moment and mention again what happened to my sister in March this year, because in some ways it is relevant. My sister was attacked by a man over an issue relating to a dog that had strayed onto a property that is used for accommodation of travelers. The property is in St. Kilda in Melbourne, Victoria. The attacker punched my sister in the face. The bruising on her face was very extensive. Now that is most likely because of her age, and that at 62 people tend to bruise a lot easier than at the age of 28. What is more relevant is the actual location where it all happened. I have seen a video of the assault and it was featured on the news!!  My sister was lucky because he head did not hit the brick fence that was directly behind her.  She was one of the lucky ones who did not die after being king hit. Here in Australia there have been several deaths that are of this nature. Some of those cases happened in Sydney and others happened in Melbourne. One of the more high profile incidents was the death in Melbourne of former cricketer David Hookes, who was king hit and he died when his head hit the ground.

The outcry after Trayvon Martin died was always over the top in regard to the actual circumstances of the case. However, that outcry was manufactured due to the manipulation of the Black Grievance Industry. It was manipulated because of the lies that have been told by the mother Sybrina Fulton and the father Tracy Martin. Those lies have been perpetuated by the likes of Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks, Natalie Jackson and others. Those lies led to the railroading of SA Wolfinger, who was about to take the case to the Grand Jury, and the introduction of a Special Prosecutor.

What happened that night?  George Zimmerman, a resident of the Twin Lakes complex was heading out to get some groceries on a wet and chilly night in Sandford Florida. George noticed someone doing something that appeared to be suspicious according to his training as a Neighbourhood Watch person. He pulled over and called the police on the line that he had been told to use. He was asked some questions about the person and in his responses that he gave were the words “black” and “hoodie”. (when the tape was first played on TV the questions of the dispatcher were edited out of the tape leaving the impression that George had a thing against blacks wearing a hoodie). The person saw George and circled his car, when George did not react, the person ran. George got out of the car, but George Zimmerman could not see where the person had gone. The dispatcher then asked the following question:  “are you following him” and George said “yes” and only then did the dispatcher state “we do not need you to do that” to which George replied “ok”. Then George proceeded to the end of the lane to get an address before turning and heading back to his car. On the way back to the car, at the T-intersection, George was accosted by Trayvon Martin. He was directly challenged with “do you have a problem” to which George had replied “no” and Trayvon Martin said “You do now” and then he decked George. There was some pushing and shoving and George fell to the ground. Trayvon Martin mounted George Zimmerman and began raining down blows, hitting is head into the concrete. George tried to wriggle away from the concrete path. At some point his shirt lifted up, and the gun that was in its holster was exposed. Whilst this was happening, George Zimmerman was screaming for help. The phone calls to the  000 began, but no one actually came out to help George. This was at the point where Trayvon Martin placed his hand against George’s mouth and after seeing the gun he made one further threat “you are going to die”. When the hand was removed George let out one more blood curdling scream for help. At the same time he thought he felt Trayvon Martin’s arm moving across his body towards the gun, so he used one hand to try and push him away and with the other hand he pulled the gun from the holster and fired the fatal shot.

Due to the circumtances SYG cannot be argued because George was pinned to the ground and could not escape. This is a case based upon self-defense. George’s life was being threatened by Trayvon Martin in two ways (1) the thrashing of his head against the concrete and (2) the actual physical attempt to get hold of the gun that George had concealed on his person.

With this case, timing and location is everything. Trayvon Martin had plenty of time to reach the property being rented by Brandi Green and to enter that property where he would have been safe. Yet it seems he decided to lay in wait for George Zimmerman and that he decided to attack this person. It was a fatal error.

The BGI have been telling a lot of lies about the case, as they have attempted to ramp the case up as one that involves racial profiling except of course, that was never the case. The lawyers for the family produced an ear-witness, but it seems that her “testimony” is a series of lies. (I always felt that she was lying). The parents and their lawyers have worked hard to cover up the truth about Trayvon Martin and now the truth is starting to filter out. Trayvon Martin had a history as a thug, and a history of cannabis abuse. His Facebook account had references to the use of Purple Dank or Lean. He even had a picture that indicated he had used Lean. Then there is the picture of him holding a gun. Another picture is of his teeth with the gold grilles. It also contained the admission that he was a gangsta.

There is one question that needs to be asked where this case is concerned: Why was a special prosecutor appointed to such a run of the mill case?

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