The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29.3: Morality and Inaction

Mike has answered a major question about the morality of the actions of George Zimmerman on the night that Trayvon bashed his head in.

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This article is devoted to one issue: the fact the George Zimmerman stepped out of his truck on the night of February 26, 2012.  I thought this issue had been long laid to rest–at least for those willing to be persuaded by law, reason and fact–but it appears that’s not the case.  Comments to recent articles (update 29.2 particularly), and elsewhere make definitively addressing this issue timely.  Consider this comment by ackbarsays at Talk Left, which is representative of what I’ve been seeing of late:

Jeralyn, last night I was discussing this case on Nettles’ blog with another blogger who was wavering back and forth over whether he should contribute.  He apparently has the financial resources that he could easily contribute $25,000 to the cause, and he appeared to be considering it, but he kept going back to a question of whether Zimmerman was morally responsible…

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