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Green Helmet strikes again.

Der Spiegel is one leftist “magazine” that I enjoy reading because of the interesting perspective that it often provides (I do not read every article, just some), and this article is no exception because I got the distinct impression that GREEN HELMET is back, alive and kicking ROFL.

The key part of the article happens to be the claim and the counter-claim regarding an old Israeli army jeep. The Assad regime and Hezbollah are using the jeep as proof and evidence that Israel, Turkey and Qatar (they are Sunni Muslims) are involved in Syria. However, as you will see, when you read the article, the jeep had been in a museum in Lebanon, and to top it off, the jeep only got to Syria becasuse it was towed there.

For those who do not know, Green Helmet gained fame because of the outrageous suggestion that the Israelis had been responsible for the death of a baby that had been held aloft and used as a propaganda piece back in 2006. It turned out that the rocket that exploded had come from Hezbollah, not the Israelis. Green Helmet is therefore synonymous with the propaganda that is used so readily in the Middle East. Here you can think Mohammed Al-Dura who is most likely still alive today, as well as Rachel Corrie (who refused Israeli help after she was injured when she fell off a bulldozer).


I think you should read this report on what is happening in Burma, because it seems that the religious-ethnic tensions are escalating.

Everywhere it seems that there is a rising and I am not talking about Christians. Whilst there are Christians (Catholics) in Burma, the country is a majority Budhist, with a minority being Muslim. Needless to say the Muslims scream victims but then again they never accept responsibility for their own actions.

It is interesting to note here that the Budhists have decided to strike back against the troublemakers. This might explain why they are no longer prepared to tolerate what the Muslim minority has been dishing out to them.

From the Australian perspective, I note here that these same Burmese Muslims have been getting on boats and attempt to enter into Australia illegally.

For the record, I have also known some Burmese who are Catholic. The first was a girl by the name of Christine and I went to school with her. The other one is a man with the most remarkable deep voice that I have ever heard and I knew him at one of my ex-parishes.

Keep those subpoenas coming Congress

A new phase is starting this week and that new phase is going to create a headache for the Soetoro Administration, especially Eric Holder and John Kerry.

First Congress has requested that Kerry cough up more correspondence via subpoena relating to the Benghazi matter. They lying SOBs are not off the hook just yet. Congress wants those emails relating to the talking points and have provided a list for that purpose. Will there be more stonewalling?

On the issue of stonewalling Issa and Congress need to take action over Holder stonewalling over Fast and Furious. They also need to go the next step and demand that Soetoro hands over the documents that he claims are under executive privilege in regard to the Fast and Furious matter. This is one more matter that should be added to the drawing up of impeachment documents when the time comes.

Second, Congress is investigating whether Eric Holder lied under oath. From what I have seen I think that is a given.

The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29: The Self-Destroying Narrative

Stately McDaniel Manor

With a motions hearing set for May 28 and trial still set for June 10, last minute motions are flying in all directions.  As I’ve previously noted, unlike in most cases, the content of motions in this case is revealing not only of fact, but strategy.  As I’ve also noted, everything is backwards.  The defense is doing its best to present the evidence and the facts, relying in large part on the investigation conducted by the police.  This is particularly important if George Zimmerman is to be kept from testifying, which Mark O’Mara and Don West would almost certainly see as desirable.  There are so many problems with the state’s case, that’s the smart play.  Let it self-destruct; when your adversary is destroying himself, don’t interrupt him.

On the other hand, the prosecution is desperate to keep any information relating to Trayvon Martin’s activities and habits off the record, including…

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The White House Strategy – blame Petreus

Finally, we know why the gang of journolisters were invited to the White House recently. The meeting must have been to provide the talking points that are going to give the White House a get out of jail card free, but in fact will cause the White House Administration to dig deeper into the mire. Why else would writers at the Washington Post write such rubbish as the attempt to blame Petreus for what is of their own making? Perhaps we should see this as a preemptive strike, because that is the way that I am seeing this at the present time (in other words, I will change my opinion when more information becomes available).

The issue is not who told the troops to stand down, but once again the issue here is the talking points used by the idiotic and useless Susan Rice who went on television with false talking points. Susan Rice contradicted the Libyan President Mogahreif who subsequently lost face in Libya as well as perceptively elsewhere (on the other hand, I always believed the Libyan President because he is not a fool). The contradiction was a very big deal but the White House Administration has failed to understand why this is such an issue.

First of all, it must be pointed out that when David Petreus first testified before Congress (I am not sure if he was under oath) he went with the White House line about the video. After that testimony or around the same time he resigned as head of the CIA. This is the point that we learned that David Petreus and Paula Broadwell had an affair. That information was probably being kept for a rainy day and my opinion is that when David Petreus refused to continue to play ball, Obama told him that he would be outed over the affair, leading to the resignation and David Petreus being the one who gave the information. (I think that this is very much a smoking gun).

However, let’s get back to what happened in Benghazi and what the CIA knew. From the beginning the CIA chain of command knew that this was an attack by AQ and affiilate Ansar al-Sharia. (my view is that AQ people were responsible for the plot and they dragged in members of Ansar al Sharia who are always wanting to find ways of enslaving people). The CIA had informed Mogahrief that it was an Al-Qaeda attack, just as they informed Washington.

I have my own theories about time lines etc. and I have a suspicion that Obama lied about stating that he told them to do everything possible. At some point there was a discussion with his security staff including Tom Donilan. He also had a conversation with Nethanyu on the phone as the attack was raging. I find this weird that he even went ahead with that phone call (but that is just my opinion). Then it seems there was a period of time that Obama was missing altogether. It seems to me that he showed no interest in the attack or in doing anything to help those who were under attack.

We do know for certain that there had been a protest in Egypt perhaps relating to a 3rd rate documentary, but perhaps the people demonstrating had another motive. If it was the other motive, then that could have been a set up that was supposed to lead to the release of the Blind Sheik, except that the US consulate in Benghazi came under attack. The 3rd rate documentary became the scapegoat for the attack, but there has never been any firm evidence that this documentary did in fact influence what took place. I will add here that it certainly was the cause for the attack upon the US embassy in Tunisia.

Someone other than Victoria Nuland was not happy with the CIA talking points, but it was Victoria Nuland who wanted them changed. The memo signed off by David Petreus had differed significantly from the meme coming from Susan Rice and the White House. Who above Victoria Nuland had been making a fuss about those talking points? Well I point the finger at Hillary Clinton and Patrick Kennedy. Who is above Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama.

I get the impression that the closed doors testimony by David Petreus (the later testimony) was a lot more detailed and that he gave information that pointed the finger at the White House. Otherwise the attack on David Petreus that is coming from writers at the Washington Post would not be happening.

No matter how I look at this issue, I keep coming back to White House Administration staff, and even the Oval Office. No one other than the President could have ordered the stand down of those who were wanting to rescue the emabassy staff. There are many unanswered questions and all that is happening so far is the run around.

The Australian illegal immigration problem

Australia is an island nation/continent and by rights that should make illegal immigration difficult. However that has not been the case. The first of the illegal immigrants began arriving in Australia during the 1970s. These were the Vietnamese refugees. They were followed by Chinese, and then came the Iranians, Iraqi, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans etc. Whilst the Vietnamese and the Chinese who were allowed to stay managed to integrate into the Australian way of life, the same cannot be said about this other Middle Eastern group.

Australia has reached crisis point with boats arriving in Australian waters almost every day. They are arriving by the thousands every month. During the Howard Government years we got this issue under control, but when KRUDD became Prime Minister he walked back what was in place and from 2007 onwards Australia has been inundated by some very unsavoury types.

These are not refugees because they are not fleeing from war torn countries with the exception of Afghanistan. There is no war in Iran or Pakistan and even in Sri Lanka there is not even a civil war, yet these Tamils keep getting on a boat and give a bullshit story to authorities who are all too willing to grant them a bridging visa. Most of them are thugs, criminals and the like. Very few of them are in any way affected by war. I note that they have one thing in common and that includes forcing the women to wear bags over their heads.

This morning I saw this report which has prompted me to write this post. I will not bother detailing the report but will take some points from it to emphasize what is totally wrong with the way in which this problem of illegal immigrants is being handled by the current Australian government.

1. the smuggling industry is worth up to $400 million (I assume that is per year).

2. Of the 71 illegal immigrants who had their visas revoked, 10 of them have been arrested and charged with criminal offences (including one who entered the apartment of a female university student and attempted to rape her – this happened at McQuarrie University in North Ryde. Eight of these illegal immigrants were found to be a threat to security by ASIO (what were they planning?).  A further 12 absconded (meaning they continue to be a threat to our society).

3. The people smuggler debt collectors have turned up in Nauru pushing for payment of money owed to the smugglers. The price of being smuggled is $3,000 – $10,000 per individual and up to $20,000 per family.  Do your own calculations for the 42,000 who have arrived in Australia since the ALP was elected to government. This figure is staggering enough.

4. More than 1,000 people have died at sea. Do not feel sorry for them because they often deliberately sink their own boats.

5. Worst of all is that the Australian government has been rewarding bad behaviour. It seems they are saying, if you riot we will grant you protection.

These people are thugs, criminals and unsavoury characters. They need to be removed from Australia and sent back to their country of origin.

I add here that perhaps the most genuine of the “refugees” are the ones who have actually applied for entry into Australia and have been denied entry. This has happened to some of the people in Indonesia (a group of women). It seems that the government will not grant them legal entry and that forces them to try other ways to enter into the country.

The Australian government has the power to stop this bullshit and they have the power to ensure that the people smugglers are not being rewarded for their enterprise. A starting point would be to have government officials interview the “immigrants” whilst they are staying in Indonesia, and whilst they still have their official papers, and from there they could agree to grant entry into Australia based upon the information that they have acquired…. if any of them are eligible. Personally, I would rather see the Australian government allowing the Christians among them entry into Australia… but a word of warning, and that is not all Christians from Middle Eastern countries are as pure as the driven snow. I refer of course to the Druse who support Assad as an example of people who would not make good Australian citizens.

Et Tu NYT?

Instapundit has up a post that I find interesting, amusing and chilling all at the same time. It turns out that the New York Times is not above the rest of the media outlets when it comes to the DoJ doing secret investigations. New York Times reporter David Sanger was investigated over his report relating to the Stuxnet virus.

David Sanger reported on what we had already guessed that the US had helped to develop the Stuxnet virus and used it to attack Iran where it hurt the most (their uranium centrifuges).

The difference in how the DoJ went about this investigation, is that they did not seek to seize the reporter’s emails and other records, but they did it at the government end, seeking any communications between government employees and the reporters.

This particular leak is probably more important than the other alleged leaks. The material relating to North Korea for example in my mind was the least dangerous because it was the kind of stuff any one could have second-guessed where North Korean leadership is concerned.  However, I see this stuxnet virus leak in a different light. It was far more damaging. On the other hand, we already knew about the existence of the virus from other sources that were reporting on it, and most of us had guessed that either Israel or the USA were responsible for its development.

The issue is, however, that the DoJ is doing everything possible to chill our right to free speech, including our right to know what is going on behind the scenes.