A story that might have legs

My own antipathy towards Egypts Morsi should be well known. I do not like the sound of the man. However, this very disturbing report is something that leaves room for a lot of thought.

This is one theory regarding to the totality of the events that is well worth reading. It seems to implicate Egypt’s Morsi in a plot involving the followers of the blind Sheik. This could be on top of the involvement of Al Qaeda.

However, the issue that does not make sense for me happens to be the fact that Muslim Brotherhood and Shia and Al Qaeda adherents are Sunni. In Egypt the Salafists at times do appear to be on the same side as the Shia, but at other times they oppose each other. I point this out because of what I see as apparent contradictions.


Let’s get back to the story about the C-grade documentary and its role in the whole affair. I think it is valid to ask who financed the making of that documentary. I think it is valid to question the way in which a man who is a Coptic was set up over the C-grade documentary. I smell a blood libel that rivals the Al Durah blood libel in regard to the C-grade documentary.

I will have more to write on this subject after I have had time to digest what was being stated, because this article makes sense and I think it helps to fit some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.

Something else to consider – is Egypt on the side of Assad or on the side of the Syrian Opposition? Answer that question and maybe we might add another piece of the jigsaw puzzle.  The reason for asking this question rests upon the fact that the Syrian Opposition is Sunni, and Assad’s side is Shia or associated with Shia.


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