IRS, DNC and the KKK

This is something that crossed my mind in recent days and I think it is worth some time to explore the issue of intimidation especially where Democrats are concerned.

My intention here is to take you back to a time in history that is post Civil War but still in the 19th century. I am talking about the Reconstruction period. If you know your history (and you should know it better than an Australian citizen) then you should be aware that immediately after the Civil War, there were people who were denied the right to vote. I am not talking about the ex-slaves and freedmen, but I am talking about white people who had been slave owners. You should be aware that the former slaves, when they took over various State Congresses turned them into corrupt State Houses. I think from memory that Radical Republicans also had a hand in that situation.

For the sake of comparison here, after I learned about the Radical Republicans, my first thoughts were that they acted like the RINOs that we see today. These are people who pretend to be Republican for the sake of power. I see the same thing in regard to the Radical Republicans.

At this point in history the Democrats had been decimated, but they soon formed a secret group known as the KKK. Was it Forrest who was the founder? I think I have the correct person, but please correct my errors in this matter.

The role of the KKK as it was originally formed was always intimidation. There has always been an extremely strong link between the KKK and the Democrats. The method by which the Democrats regained control in the State Congresses was through the use of the intimidatory tactics of the KKK. The Democrats set out to prevent negroes from voting by the use of intimidatory tactics. Over time the intimidation rose to the level of kidnap, lynchings, murder, burning down churches and houses. It is all intimidation.

Now transport yourself from the past to our present time, and have a good, hard, long look at the tactics used by Democrats in the 2012 elections, as well as the other illicit tactics that have been employed through the use of government agencies. The intimidation is back. This time it is the New Black Panthers Party that did the intimidation for the Democrats, and they were scaring away the whites and others who were intending to vote Republican. It is the same tactics that are being used and the KKK has a new name and new faces.

Now I have thought about the above comparisons for a very long time, however, what is new to me happens to be the extent of the intimidation within government agencies, and in particular the IRS. There is a link between the FEC tactics used in earlier elections and the IRS tactics used in the 2012 elections. That link seems to be Lois Lerner.

What has come to light is the fact that Lois Lerner was using the intimidatory tactics against Republican donors and candidates at previous elections. Hence we hear about one such candidate who was told by Lois Lerner to “promise never to enter politics again and we will drop the charges”. This kind of intimidation is worthy of both a Democrat and the KKK of old. Now we are learning more about the tactics within the IRS. We have learned about the intimidatory questionnaires, that on the surface must in fact be illegal. We are now hearing from agents in Cincinnati (go the Reds) that they were asked for those cases from Washington. The finger is pointing directly at Lois Lerner, Shulman, Miller and others. I think the finger also extends into the White House, and perhaps even the Oval Office. I do not believe that this was unknown by those who occupy the Oval Office.

Intimidation has always been a key Democrat component in their dirty, filthy arsenal of campaign tricks. The tactics were evident in the 2008 elections, and they reached new heights during the 2012 Presidential election.

However, it seems that the tactics are beginning to unravel. The moment that Lois Lerner tried to soften the impact of the IG report was a pivotal moment because it has seen the commencement of the unraveling of the whole scheme.

Yet, to me, an outsider, there is nothing new about what is being heard. This is because these tactics are worthy of the Democrats of old, who sought power in a way that proved that they were never fit to be in government. At the same time I point to the fact that the black members of Congress on the whole have not improved because they have taken the same path as their predecessors, even when they switch political allegiance. They have remained in the category of shiftless grifters. There are some exceptions to the rule.


One response to “IRS, DNC and the KKK

  1. The LSM is now in a snit, even though they’ve been wearing the brown lipstick since 2008. They’re just “shocked” over the idea they would come under the microscope of the DOJ. but, when one looks back at the track record, Fast and Furious and Pigford, refusal to prosecute voter intimidation tactics, it’s not hard to believe the DOJ and Holder would be involved in investigating journalists under the cloak of criminal conspiracy. It’s just the way they roll under the auspices of the BO administration. Now Holder wants to have an “off the record” meeting with bureau chiefs….give me a break…. which no one will see or hear as he gladhands and lies even more.