The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 30: Rebuke

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“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune…”

William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, Act IV, Scene 3

Oh my.  On April 5, 2013, in Update 26, I addressed O’Mara’s request for a writ of certiorari to depose Benjamin Crump.  Finally, the District Court of Appeal for the Fifth District has handed down its decision.

The major elements of that request were: 

(1) Crump has information essential to the defensethat cannot be obtained in any way other than a deposition.

(1A) De la Rionda knows how Dee Dee came to the attention of Crumpand the Prosecution, but refuses to tell the Defense, thus a deposition with Crump is required.

(1B) ABC News kept only a short clip (5 minutes)of the Crump interview, therefore, Crump is the only person who can reveal information about many aspects of…

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