Of course Carter Hull’s involvement is most likely the tip of the iceberg. His name came up during the testimony given by one of the Cincinnati IRS officers, Elizabeth Hofacre. She stated that she was working closely with Carter Hull in 201o and that he provided the letter to be sent to conservative groups.

According to the Daily Caller, Carter Hull is now set to retire from the IRS. I wonder why!!


HotAir has more on the Elizabeth Hofacre testimony and it is worth reading because she is clearly upset over the way in which the whole thing was handled. She was upset about the applications being stalled as well. Plus it seems that Elizabeth Hofacre has stated that the requests for donor lists happened after she applied for and started in a new position.

What other evidence is needed then to show that this was an initiative that came from the White House?

BTW I did see another story that might in fact clinch the White House involvement. It involved someone who was audited where the IRS official made contact on a private cell phone number and the agent actually implied that the reason for the audit was due to the person being involved with the Republican Party and Mitt Romney. Do we really need more information that points the finger where it belongs?


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