Chinese espionage?

The leak about PRISM has taken an interesting turn after the leaker revealed himself. His name is Edward Snowden and he claims that he had worked for the CIA and was initially upset with the spying being done under the Bush Administration. Taking into account the length of time that Bush has been out of office, like a few other people, I find his story to be suspicious. For that reason alone, I am going to agree with the take given by William Jacobson from Legal Insurrection.

What William is saying makes a lot of sense to me because one needs to ask questions about why Snowden went to Hong Kong in the first place.

Hong Kong used to be a British Protectorate, but it came under the Chinese government many years ago. It is therefore a great place for spies involved in espionage to congregate (and I am not referring to or thinking about any recent James Bond movies).

The Chinese government is not friendly despite outward appearances. They use people by cultivating them in a certain way. A few years ago there was a controversy here in Australia surrounding an MP by the name of Joel Fitzgibbon. He and his father had been courted by a female Chinese “businesswoman”. The story was good for a bit of salacious reading at the time. Fitzgibbon had accepted favours from this businesswoman. She had contacts with the Chinese military, and at the time Fitzgibbon was acting as the Minister for Defence. It is not hard to see what was wrong with that picutre.

So how does this involve Snowden? The angle here is the timing of the release of those documents about Prism and the sensitive information that is being gathered. The Chinese leadership is due to meet Obama and no doubt the meeting will not be friendly. Considering the nature of Chinese human rights abuses, it is not hard to imagine that an American operative who is in fact working for the Chinese was told to drop that information, just in time for that meeting.

This is simply food for thought yet I do think that there is something in that tiny morsel that is being fed to us.


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