The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 31: Attack From Within and Vaudeville

Mike does it again in a very clear and concise summary of the proceedings including the Frye hearing.
The absurdity happens to be the witnesses for the persecution. They are totally useless and their testimony should be abandoned. However, we are talking about the Nelson court… and we are talking about Florida and all of its injustice.

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I can only hope readers appreciate my sacrifice.  I’ve spent much of the last two days viewing what I believe to be nearly every minute of the most recent motion and Frye hearings in this case.  Some were annoying, at least one was near-farcical, but all were instructive in one way or another.  It may take me some time to recover, and I begin that process with this missive.


In Update 29.2 I quoted NBC News:

Zimmerman’s team put an outside lawyer on the stand, Wesley White, whotestified that photos from Martin’s cellphone were never shared with them. White, who resigned as a state prosecutor in December and is now in private practice, represents the state attorney’s office’s information-technology director, Ben Kruidbos, who will be called to testify June 6 about the allegedly withheld images.

White told NBC News that Kruidbos was placed on administrative leave…

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