Heads are rolling at the IRS

Powerline has an interesting article regarding the IRS scandal. It is worth a read. There is some new information regarding the number of senior officials who have either been placed on administrative leave or who have resigned.

To date 5 heads have rolled, and they are:

1. Lois Lerner -placed on administrative leave (probably until the scandal dies down).

2. Stephen Miller – resigned but his was only a temporary role anyway.

3. Carter Hull – resigned. He was fingered by Elizabeth Hofarce (sp) as the person who was designing and sending out the IRS letters.

4. Holly Paz – replaced in her role. This one is interesting because Holly Paz actually sat in on interviews her staff had with the IG and then she claimed that there was no problem or something like that. Her actions were intimidatory towards her staff.

5. Joseph Grant – an assistant secretary under Lois Lerner retired June 3.

The evidence provided by IRS agents in Cincinnati (go the Reds), is that they were directed by Washington IRS employees. Carter Hull, a registered Democrat was fingered as the main person who directed the targeting.


One response to “Heads are rolling at the IRS

  1. “She has been at the center of the scandal roiling the IRS and the Obama administration since she clumsily planted the question that allowed her to reveal — and apologize for — the agency’s improper targeting of tea party and other conservative groups,” NRO reports .