Scandals, scandals, everywhere

If it is not scandals at the IRS that is capturing attention, then it is the scandals at the EPA.  It seems that having Barry Soetoro in the White House has opened up a Pandora’s Box of scandals, and we continue the counting. Not all scandals lead directly to the White House, and the EPA is an example of the buck stopping with the Head of the EPA rather than going higher up.

Hot Air reports that the EPA has currently got 4 scandals going at the same time. (I think that the IRS is probably at 2 or 3 scandals but is rapidly catching up). I am not sure but it seems that the name Lisa Jackson seems to be very prominent in these scandals. At least one of these scandals is hilarious but do keep in mind that Sibelius has been caught doing the same thing, that is having an email account under a false name.

Before I get into the scandals and the false name, I have heard stories from my husband and ex-service friends, who have talked about the mythical employee, who has a service number etc. etc. so in a way I am familiar with such a scenario, where someone pretends that a certain person exists “in the office” but that is not true.

So here are the 4 scandals:

1) The EPA gave an ethics award to “Richard Windsor”. This has to be hilarious because Richard Windsor does not exist and is not an employee of the EPA. This is the name that Lisa Jackson used for her fake email account.

2) The EPA waives fees for the Sierra Club but will not waive fees for conservative groups when they seek FOIA information. This is on a par with the IRS treatment of scandals. I cannot see that it is linked to the White House, but the behaviour is consistent with the attitude that is seen by the top people in the IRS, thus it could be that a directive did come from the White House regarding obfuscation etc. It is simply that the case is not very strong to go looking at the White House Administration.

3) This is an over the top expenditure scandal. Once again taxpayer money is being wasted on things that should be a private expense to individuals.

4) This is probably the most serious of the scandals because it involves the leaking of private information to left wing demagogue groups. This is an issue that goes to the heart of any privacy laws that might exist. The leaking of the documents is in my view the most serious of all of the EPA scandals. It has similarities to the leaking of donor information to Human Events, so it would be interesting to see how far up the chain the consent for such leaking went.


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