The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 31.2: Jury Packing, Perjury and Flying Monkeys (Updated–Already!)!

The most serious thing to come out of this commentary is the reference to the attempt by the Persecution to pack the jury. This is despicable.
On this alone the case must be dismissed or the DCA must intervene.

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I’ve finally been able to review the testimony of the remaining two scientists, which provided at least one significant insight into the prosecution’s probable tactics–and their obvious desperation.

There is no doubt that the prosecution intends to rely heavily on a portion of the narrative that essentially goes like this: 

P: “Zimmerman was profiled and chased Trayvon Martin down and murdered him in cold blood, so he never yelled for help…”

D: “But Zimmerman’s clothing indicated he was on his back on the wet ground–just like he said–and he had a broken nose and marks on his head and face and bleeding lacerations on the back of his head.  Those support his contention that Martin punched him in the nose and repeatedly slammed his head into the sidewalk…

P: “Shut up…”

D: “…and the prosecution’s investigator admitted under oath that the prosecution has no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s story…”


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