The drums of war… or creating a timely diversion

What has changed? Why is Barry Soetoro suddenly interested in “doing something” in Syria? Yes I am being cynical because to be honest I cannot see what has recently changed to bring about a decision that will mean that the US will officially take sides in the Syrian Civil War. As far as I am concerned this is a civil war and we should not interfere in that situation. (this sounds totally contrary to my position on Libya but I can assure you that I have been consistent in not lending support to either side in Syria because of their human rights breaches).

At some point last year little ghey Barry stated that the US will act if Assad crosses the line and uses chemical weapons. Well it has emerged that someone used chemical weapons but it is not necessarily clear as to which side used them. It is highly likely that the Assad regime did in fact use chemical weapons on the population. This is consistent with the other Ba’athist, the late Saddam Hussein. On top of that, I have always believed that the Iraqi chemical weapons crossed the border into Syria in the days prior to the invasion by the Allied Forces (the USA and Australia were involved in the invasion).

Any interference in this particular war has consequences. This is true because Syria is allied to Iran and to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran has provided its Iranian guard to be used against those rebelling against Assad. Hezbollah have also been active by sending forces across the border. Already in the Lebanese city of Tripoli there has been tension between Sunni and Shia Lebanese.  Since this alliance exists, the danger here is that Iran will decide to move in more forces, especially against the USA. I have no doubt that Hezbollah will become even more involved than they are at present.

On top of that, interference by the USA could lead to conflict with Russia and China. This is because both Russia and China have been backing Assad. As such there is potential for the conflict to explode into a world war.

The great ditherer has finally made some kind of a decision, and the question I have is: why is that decision being made now, rather than at least 3 months ago when the chemical weapons were first used? For the record I think that both sides have been using them.

The only reason that I can think of for this change has to be the desire to create a diversion so that the various scandals are taken off the front page. If you notice the trend, Fast and Furious gave way to Benghazi, then Benghazi gave way to the IRS, and the IRS gave way to the NSA, the EPA and a variety of other minor scandals. Perhaps there is a more explosive scandal to come but what I see is Barry Soetoro using the Slick Willy playbook to create a diversion at a critical time.


Here is an interesting perspective on the Syrian/Iran issue. This writer thinks that a war with Iran is inevitable.


6 responses to “The drums of war… or creating a timely diversion

  1. A diversion? Quite possibly.

    But don’t overlook B. Hussein “The Christian” Obama slavering over yet another chance to boost his beloved Muslim Brotherhood.


  2. Everyone has a bee in their bonnet that Syria is about Muslim Brotherhood. WRONG.

    Muslim Brotherhood is SHIA. The Salafists are SUNNI

    The Salafist Sunni are fighting against the Alawite Shia and the Shia.

    Assad is Alawite which is an offshoot of Shia. Hezbollah is Shia. Iran is Shia.

    I saw the announcement that there are thousands of Egyptians who are willing to fight in Syria. I wonder if they are the Salafists or the Morsi Shia?

    The situation is extremely ugly no matter which way I look at it, and I have no doubt that Barry Soetoro is doing everything he can to advance Islam.

    FYI the Salafists are far worse when it comes to things like monuments. They are now destroying statues of horses because that is supposed to be idolatry? Gimme a break!!


  3. Now, now – don’t just dump on me – help me out.

    Help me use the right phrase. You know I am basically correct, but according to what you are saying, I used the wrong group. All I know is that Christian Obama always sides with the most radical and least desirable sorts in the Mideast Conflicts.

    It has also gotten so bad that I can almost watch what Christian Obama does and choose the opposite side, without any critical analysis, and be pretty sure I am on the best path.


    • Then say the right name – Salafists!! 🙂

      BTW Barry Soetoro is not a Christian.

      In the old days if people went around claiming to be Christian and did the kind of things he is doing, they would end up before the Inquisitors. Then after a bit of torture and no recanting, they would be handed over to the State and end up the centrepiece in a fire.


  4. I have decided to use the forms:
    B. Hussein ‘The Christian’ Obama
    Christian Obama
    as snarky irony.

    Maybe the oxymoronic nature of seeing the words Christian and Obama in such close proximity will activate people’s gag reflex.