On a different topic – I had not thought of this angle

Recently it was reported that GM wheat had been found on a property in Oregon. I note here that I am not against GM crops because of the fact that Australia has been using this type of wheat for more than 100 years. I am talking about rust-resitant wheat which was pioneered here in Australia. On top of that I note that the CSIRO in Australia has continued its own pioneering efforts to create a gluten free wheat. None of this is bad for our bodies, and in fact it is good that such efforts are being made to overcome health concerns for a growing number of people. This is only one example of GM foods. Others include work on potatoes to make them resistant to potato blight.

There is a group of activists who have been attempting to scare and manipulate the population world wide that somehow these GM foods are dangerous. In the past I have seen at least one report that has debunked this notion that such foods are dangerous.

However, something that I had not considered when I had read about these stories is the possible motivation of those who are opposed to the GM foods. I am not getting into the Monsanto discussion here because I am not sufficiently up on the pro and con of that situation. On top of that I have to declare that at one time I worked for a company that had been distributing some Monsanto products, a company by the name of Scotts Australia.

So what possible motivation could some activist have to destroy the work of scientists world wide who are attempting to improve our food production? This is something that I had not considered at all. The report I was reading has suggested that an activist had possibly sown the biotech into the crop in Oregon with the purpose of smearing Monsanto. The wheat happened to be resistant to Round-up which is the Monsanto product that is used to kill weeds. The wheat itself has not been proved to be harmful to humans or animals (let alone cause humans to end up sterile).

So what is it that I had not considered in the past? The answer should be as plain as the nose upon my face but I did not think of it – that answer is the activists are pushing their own products, i.e. crops that are organically grown.

Keep in mind here that organically grown actually means using shit as fertilizer. I am not talking about the human product, although I think I have heard that some of these people do in fact use human waste on their product. I am talking about animal waste such as chicken and horse shit that is often used as fertilizer. What you have to keep in mind is that the use of these “organic” fertilizers can lead to seeing an increase in a number of bacterial outbreaks of diseases associated with the stomach.

We need a balance between the use of chemical fertilizers and other forms of fertilizers. This balance needs to be good for our health. We need to pay more attention to the motivation of the activists because quite frankly do we want to see more outbreaks of diseases that can kill just because someone ate some mung beans that were grown at an organic farm facility?


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