The drums of war part 2

I have already posted one link as an update on my previous post regarding reaction to the moves currently being made by Barry Soetoro.  However, I think it is important to highlight a potential threat to world peace that is currently steam-rolling along.

In my own analysis, an analysis that I consider to be less than competent, I have mentioned the Russian and the Chinese connections. China is hungry for oil, and China remains anti-USA, as well as more or less pro-Russia (I say more or less because China and Russia have had their spats, such as the Boxer Rebellion). My gut feeling has been based upon noises being made by Russia in the UN and specifically the fact that all attempts of the UN sanctioning Assad have failed because Russia has blocked the resolutions.

It seems that my gut feel is more or less correct, even though there were some things that had been unknown to me (I am lazy when it comes to Google searches 😦 ). What has now been revealed to me is that Russia and Syria were allies during the cold war. I have mentioned before about the spheres of influence. I have mentioned that both Russia and China were p’d off because the USA decided to help take down their ally Moammar Gadhafi. I will once again note here that whilst Libya had remained an Islamic State where Sharia was always practised, Gadhafi had changed the name to suggest that Libya was the Socialist Republic of Libya rather than an Islamic state and this had a lot of people very angry as they bided their time.

This news report from Reuters is an eye opener with regards to Putin’s reactions about the possible US involvement in Syria. What Putin says is true, because some of the Islamists that have moved into Syria to fight against Assad are certainly the type of cretins that match Putin’s description. The USA would be better off staying on the outside, rather than helping such individuals.

I do note that the atrocities in Syria are being perpetrated by both sides. In the first year of the civil war I would have been more solidly on the side of those against Assad because of his criminal assualt on the population. However, as the war has dragged on, I have remained firmly against the idea of intervention. This is entirely due to the involvement of the Salafists from other countries who have turned up to fight against Assad.

The other dangerous situation is Iran. First of all, I note that I am relieved about the people’s choice of President in Iran. The man belongs to the same group as Rafsanjani and Khatami meaning that he is not one who is full of the Ahmanutjob rhetoric. That does not mean that Iran is going to be any less dangerous, because Khamenei remains in the position of Supreme Grand Poohbah of Iran.  Khamenei is every bit as dangerous as Ahmahnutjob because both believe in the garbage about the 12th Imam and both had the desire to create Armageddon where Iran is the winner.

Others have also noted that Saudi Arabia has been a conduit for the supply of arms to the opposition in Syria. I can understand why this might be the case, based upon their opposition and fear of the Shia and of Iran.

This civil war is a no win situation. The West should stay out of it, and let these Islamists fight amongst themselves.


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