Scandalmania – the State Dept again

I think I have already higlighted this one before because it is yet another breaking scandal. I do believe that the scandal itself is very serious, but I think what is more important than the actually wrong doing is the manner in which this scandal is being handled by the State Department. I think this is the case because of the pressure that is being placed upon the woman who was a former member of the IG and is the one who exposed what had been taking place in Italy. It is intimidation palooza in the State Department, which is the equivalent of the intimidation that was occuring in the IRS when the IG wanted to question the agents.

If you have ever been a whistleblower, then you would be familiar with the tactics that are used against such people. I have been inadvertantly in that position because I discovered a theft of items in my department around the same time that my supervisor discovered some other anomolies relating to a certain group of people. I reported the theft and then the shit hit the fan. However, what was so terrible in that situation was in fact the way that I became persona non grata because I had reported the theft of items. It seems that people were willing to forgive what those people had been thought to have done, but they had a different idea when it came to those who actually report wrong doing.  It is a very bitter pill to end up as a whistleblower.

The issue in the State Department remains the systemic use of intimidation, and the deliberate covering up of wrong doing by diplomats in foreign posts. In this case it is wrong doing by the Ambassador to Italy, a certain Mr. Moore, who has hitting on the local female population.

As you can see the original scandal is bad enough but the bigger scandal is the intimidation and the attempt to cover up what is taking place.


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