What do you do with a girl named Holly Paz?

Holly Paz, what can one say? What a ditzy blonde. It might be a starting point where this woman is concerned.

Holly Paz is a registered Democrat. In her testimony before the Congress she gave a response that is truly laughable and I am saying that as a foreigner. She claimed that she thought that “tea party” was a code word for all political groups.

Well I call bullsh!t on Holly’s statement to Congress.  I do that because dear little Holly sat in on interviews between the IRS agents at Cincinnati and the IG. She was obviously there to create intimidation and to ensure that the agents did not give away the game.

It makes me think that whoever was above Holly Paz was in on the whole thing as well. If Holly Paz is this blonde in her thinking then she must have been taking the lead from someone else.

One thing is now obvious and that is that the top people involved in this IRS scandal are all Democrats and Soetoro supporters.

To be honest this is laughable because at the grass roots level of the TEA movement there are plenty of Democrats to be found. Holly, Lois and the gang think that their actions were stopping Republicans, but the truth is that the people who are involved in the TEA movement are not necessarily Republican……

Massive fail to Holly Paz, Lois Lerner and the gang.


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