Ding Dong the Witch is dead

The ALP government had a leadership spill. Kevin Rudd is once again the leader of the ALP.

This is complicated because it is a hung Parliament. It does not automatically mean that KRUDD is Prime Minister.

Prior to the leadership spill, which was brought on by the witch, she challenged that whoever loses will resign from the Parliament…. BRING IT ON BABY…. STICK TO YOUR PROMISE!!

Unfortunately nothing much will have changed. It is still the ALP. It is still Marxists in charge of the government of Australia. Kevin Rudd is a stealth Marxist. Gillard tried to hide the fact that she was a Communist but her past was rapidly catching up with her.

With regard to JEG’s past, the Victorian Police Fraud Squad have been investigating events that took place 17 years ago. Fraud was committed, and in particular there was the creation of a fraudulent entity known as the AWU- Workers Reform Association. JEG assisted in the formation of that bogus entity by “offering advice” (which of course is not the whole truth about her involvement in the matter). The police are investigating the drawing up of what looks like a fraudulent Power of Attorney.  The investigation has been ongoing and the last I heard documents had been seized from the law firm Slater and Gordon.

Once the documents were seized the jig was up. However, I think that this challenge was brought about because of the stupidity that we have witnessed in recent weeks, including a photo shoot with the bitch pretending to be knitting. Almost everybody was calling her Mme DeFarge.

2 responses to “Ding Dong the Witch is dead

  1. Well, it may not be the best possible outcome – yet – but at least the witch is gone for now! Congrats!


    • The man in a blue tie is now the Prime Minister.

      This blue tie thing is something that has my back up, and I am having fun with it, just like a number of other people. 🙂